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10 Best Theme Colours Which Are Commonly Used in the CBD Packaging Industry

10 Best Theme Colours Which Are Commonly Used in the CBD Packaging Industry

If you’re starting or running a CBD business, you may be considering using one of the most common colours used in healthcare packaging. These include blue and green. These colours are associated with a warm, inviting atmosphere in healthcare facilities. However, you can also use neutral colours like brown for a more professional look. Read on to find out how you can use these colours to create the right CBD packaging design.


Branding a cannabis product requires a unique approach to design. Branding involves presenting a company in the most positive light while also motivating consumers to do business with you. While the content of your advertising campaign will be crucial, the colour of your CBD packaging should also be able to attract and retain customers. Blue is one of the 10 best theme colours commonly used in the CBD packaging industry.

As CBD products are health and wellness products, their packaging should reflect that. Using a theme that appeals to the mass market is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Blue, for example, fits in with the latest trends in minimalist design and is one of the 10 best theme colours commonly used in the CBD packaging industry. Brands that utilize this colour can showcase the product’s benefits in a clean, simple way.


When deciding on the theme colour of your packaging, think about your customer’s mindset, demographics and culture. While you may think that white is a safe and traditional colour, you should consider your target market’s preferences and associations with the colour. White is a popular choice for packaging CBD products, but it should be avoided for the sake of the CBD industry. Other colours are just as appropriate.

Considering the CBD market is growing fast, you’ll want your packaging to stand out from the crowd. LuxLeaf’s KnollLuxe Premium Board Platform is an excellent choice for  products. Its finished edges and cavities allow the product to be held in place, making it recyclable and environmentally friendly. Diamond Packaging recently worked with Truest Hemp to develop a custom hemp packaging solution for their product, conveying the high-quality natural hemp product while reducing inventory.


When it comes to CBD packaging, green is an excellent colour choice. It is not only effective at conveying the brand’s message but also looks great. Many high-end CBD brands use green to their advantage, including Beboe, Kanibi, and Pure CBD. While green is often associated with the cannabis plant, there are other benefits associated with it. When choosing a colour for CBD packaging, consider the benefits that it can bring.

It’s important to remember that consumers today are a generation of discovery, and they love to flaunt their new purchases on social media. Choosing a colour that speaks to younger consumers is especially important if you want to attract this crowd. Green is a natural colour, and it is compatible with many other popular design trends. It’s also a great option if your products are infused with CBD oil.


A product can look organic by using colours that evoke an organic environment. The packaging also needs to be appealing to consumers. Brown and green are two of the most popular theme colours for CBD packaging. Both brown and green are highly versatile and can be used for packaging purposes. This article focuses on the benefits of using these colours in CBD packaging.

Muted brown

Top-notch companies that sell CBD products often employ an organic, green or muted brown packaging design. These colours are reminiscent of nature and help shoppers immediately identify what they’re buying. Additionally, muted brown and green packaging can convey the product’s origins and benefits. For example, muted brown and green packaging is an excellent choice if you’re looking for CBD products for a pain management condition.

The natural aspect of cannabis is a popular draw for health-conscious customers. Incorporate leafy imagery and earth-toned colours into your packaging. You can even choose to use language like “raw” or “organic” to emphasize the natural aspect of the product. The packaging materials can also match the brand’s natural branding, such as eco-friendly papers. Muted brown, green, and black packaging designs can create a welcoming environment for consumers, ideal for attracting potential customers.

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