Make Your Package Stand Out

10 Ways To Make Your Package Stand Out

Selling your product is an essential part of growing any business. When a customer receives their anticipated package in the mail, they should be filled with satisfaction. One happy sale can lead to another or many more. Creative packaging can turn every product delivery into a fun event for loyal customers. Your packaging may even grab the attention of other onlookers. Think about the following ways to make your packaging stand out and encourage repeat customers. 

  1. Use Sustainable Packaging 

Today’s customers are often eco-conscious and aware of wasteful packaging mistakes. Consider how you might make your packaging more sustainable by using recycled or compostable materials. There are a growing number of visually appealing materials in this packaging sector. Research common packaging materials, their known environmental impact, and what alternative you could implement instead. You could even choose the most efficient shipping label size for different scales of packing. Include your sustainability pledge on your website and online order receipts. 

  1. Offer Free Shipping

Make free shipping an incentive for new buyers. You could build shipping into each product listing rather than adding it at the end of the sale. It may be more feasible for young businesses to offer free shipping for large orders, past a monetary threshold. Customers appreciate the lack of numerical surprises in their shopping carts. 

  1. Move Packages Out Quickly

Commit to a fast turnaround for online orders, such as sending orders out within 24 or 48 hours. You may achieve this by scheduling pickup times without your vendor or dropping off shipments at a central location throughout the week. 

  1. Choose Accessible Wrapping

Accessibility is an important consideration for elderly and disabled customers. Think about how to balance packaging durability with ease of opening upon receipt. Pull tabs and paper tape may be more accessible than boxes sealed with double-stick tape or glue. Make sure that the easiest opening point on the package without tools is marked. 

  1. Enable Real-Time Order Tracking

Use an order tracking service through UPS or FedEx to send customers real-time information about their shipment status. This can give customers peace of mind and allows you to remain aware of any carrier errors so that you can maintain positive customer relationships. Sharing access to order tracking can eliminate confusion and questions, empowering customers to meet their items at the door. 

  1. Include Surprise Promotions Inside 

Surprise customers with promotional vouchers for future purchases, such as 10% off their next order made within 30 days. This is an excellent way to keep the momentum moving in the right direction for your business. Think about including a promotion that can be shared with friends or family, too.  

  1. Give Customers Branded Stickers 

Fun stickers that evoke your brand’s trademark logo, colors, or message are delightful additions to packaging. You can apply them to the outside of the packages or place them on sheets inside for customers to enjoy. Design the stickers yourself or hire a freelance graphic artist to make your creative vision a reality. 

  1. Design Custom Envelopes or Boxes  

Choose a signature color or print to use on your shipping boxes or envelopes. Create a situation in which your packaging is distinctly recognizable from a block away. Brand recognition is one key to long-term success. 

  1. Optimize Item Protection

Test out internal item protections, like wrapping materials and rigid trays. Imagine all the ways that the packaging could be dropped or exposed to different weather conditions and modify the construction accordingly. The items must arrive in optimal condition for every order. 

  1. Treat Each Order Like a Gift

Add a touch of ceremony and joy to each package. Treat each new order like a present for the recipient and use packaging that communicates the special quality of the item inside. This can turn an ordinary weekday mail arrival into a bright moment for your customer. 

The packaging that carries your product to excited customers can make a powerful first impression on their doorsteps. Take care to facilitate a great customer experience upon every arrival, and make each package special. 

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