4 Helpful Firewood Cutting Tips

4 Helpful Firewood Cutting Tips

As you gather firewood, it may seem like the hardest part about the process is cutting it up. However, you do not have to split and stack all that wood yourself. Follow these firewood cutting tips and you’ll be cutting up firewood in no time at all!

1. Wear the Proper Safety Gear

When you are cutting wood for firewood, it is important to wear the proper safety gear. If you wearing shorts, we suggest that you first wear long pants. You will not want to wear shorts while cutting wood. Instead, you will want to wear long pants that are loose fitting.

The next logical step for a beginner is to wear safety glasses. These will give you protection from the sawdust that is in the air. Also, if you have long hair, you will want to make sure that you have it pulled back in a ponytail or tied back. This will help prevent the sawdust from getting in your eyes and hair.

The next safety gear that you will want to wear is a hard hat or a hat that is hard. This will allow you to protect your head if it comes into contact with the saw blade.

Safety is the most important aspect in any job, and wearing quality gloves should be a priority. A good pair of gloves will protect your hands from harsh weather conditions, from harsh chemical substances, from sharp objects, from burns, and from cuts.

The gloves will protect you from the sawdust that is in the air. The sawdust will cut your hands if you are not wearing gloves.

2. Use the Right Wood-Cutting Tools

Use the right wood-cutting tools while cutting firewood. Use the right wood-cutting tools when you are cutting wood. The wrong tools can create problems for you while cutting firewood.

There are specific types of wood-cutting tools that you should use to cut firewood. The tools include the ax, the chainsaw, and the hatchet. The hatchet can be used for cutting small logs of firewood. The tool is perfect for smaller branches, small trees, and other small logs. The ax is great for cutting logs that measure longer than 20 inches. The tool has a sharp blade that is made to cut through branches and other large pieces of wood. The chainsaw is great for cutting logs that measure longer than 36 inches. The tool is much faster than the ax and hatchet. The chainsaw also has a bottom chain that allows the user to cut faster.

3. Understand the Wood Length You Need

As wood piles grow, it is increasingly difficult to see the wood that you need to cut. To help with this, you will want to have a good idea of the total wood length that you are going to need.

This can be a difficult task, so you will need to know how to determine this. What you will need to do first is measure all of the wood that you have. All of your measurements should now be added together. You will find that the total measurement will be the total wood length that you need.

No matter what type of wood that you have, you will have the same measurement to work with. The wood will measure 4′′-4′′. This measurement will ensure that you cut all of your wood before it gets too old to use.

4. Store the Wood in a Dry Area

In order to ensure that your wood stays dry, you should make sure that it is stored in a dry area after it has been cut. You should store your wood in an open-air shed or garage to keep it dry. To keep your wood properly preserved, both the shed and open garage should be kept dry and ventilated.

Another option for keeping your wood dry is to take it to a wood yard in your area. The wood yard can provide you with a dry space to keep your wood in. However, this is typically not a good long-term option.

At Nutshell

When it comes to firewood, safety should be your first priority. That’s why it’s important to follow these four tips for safe firewood cutting. Above four tips can help you avoid accidents when cutting firewood. They will help you to avoid injury and cut your firewood quickly, efficiently, and safely.

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