7 Tips to Maintain Beautiful Courtyard Garden

A lot of hard work and continuous efforts are required to maintain a beautiful garden in the courtyard. And, the worst thing happens when any plant in your small garden gets infected by a disease. A lot of questions surround your mind. 

The biggest trouble is how to reverse this situation and restore the good health of plants. If the infected plant or tree is not recovered soon, then it may spread this disease to other plants in the garden. Gradually, your efforts will go in vain. 

Here, in this article, we will discuss various tips to keep your plants healthy in your small garden:  

1.Carefully Buy Plants

The best way to prevent your garden plants from disease is to carefully examine plants before buying. You will not like to bring any disease with new plants. Mostly, plant diseases are communicable, and all plants around the infected one will immediately catch that disease. 

You should gather some knowledge about the shape of good plants. A lot of information related to trees is available in different books, magazines, and online websites. You should precisely check the condition of the plant from top to bottom. Do not forget to check the condition of the roots.

2.Avoid Using Yard Waste as Mulch

All materials in compost will not decompose at the same rate. Some material will decompose at a faster pace, and some will decompose at a slower pace—the thorough composting results in high temperatures that can kill pathogens. 

But the compost material that has not undergone the decomposition process will affect your plant and reintroduce plant diseases. Thus, if you are not sure which material to be used as compost, then avoid using yard waste as mulch.

3.Keep Your Eye on Bugs Infection

Insects and bugs can damage your plants and lead to various diseases. The harmful bacteria and viruses enter the plant through any sort of opening of the tree. The bugs can damage your trees and provide an opening for viruses and bacteria. Thus, you should keep an eye on bugs and insects around your plants and trees. 

Usually, pest infestation is visible much later than the right techniques can be implemented to curb the spread of diseases. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an eye on bugs in the surrounding of the tree so that you can prevent your trees from infestation.  

4.Clean Garden During Fall

It is a good idea to clean the garden during fall so that fallen leaves do not affect your plants and trees. This technique will not just help you in preventing your trees from diseases, but also help in controlling those diseases that are already in your garden. You should clean your yard after winter is over. You should remove fallen leaves and fallen branches from your yard before the new growth of trees and plants starts in spring.

5.Use Right Fertilizer

You should choose the right fertilizer and use them appropriately. If you apply too much fertilizer, then it can lead to the burning of roots. Your roots will not efficiently do their work, i.e., supplying water and nutrients to the plants and trees. 

When the roots of the tree are affected by the huge amount of fertilizer, then your tree will starve and be susceptible to various tree diseases. Thus, it is recommended to read the instructions before applying fertilizer.

6.Prune Diseases or Damaged Branches

It is necessary to trim or prune the tree once or twice a year. You should call the best tree service provider such as arborist Sydney so that he or she can properly cut damaged limbs to ensure the proper growth of trees and plants. 

The affected limbs or branches of trees will take away nutrients and water of a healthy portion of the tree. Ultimately, it affects the healthy growth of the tree. You should prune trees when they are dormant so that you can expect new and healthy growth during the spring season.

7.Proper Tree Watering

You should provide an adequate amount of water to your garden, especially newly planted trees. But you should not overwater your trees because the extremely humid area will invite various plant diseases. It is so because many tree diseases need a moist environment for their growth. 

Therefore, if you want to stop the generation of unwanted pathogens, then you should provide an adequate amount of water to the plants and trees in your garden. You should choose an adequate watering method to reduce moisture on the plant’s foliage.

Most leaf related problems originate when leaves are wet. Therefore, you should not do an overhead sprinkling of water. Water is required by the roots of plants, and they will further deliver it to different parts of plants.


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