Another woman killed by the Corona virus has increased the number nationwide to 1,000

Corona virus has been killed in Pakistan. After that, the death toll in the country increased to 6. When the number of affected people increased to 1062.

Earlier, three deaths were reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Sindh and Punjab.

Today there have been a total of 72 cases reported Of those in 39 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 16 in Punjab and 9 in Balochistan, 4 in Gilgit and three in Sindh.

Lockdown nationwide

Due to the continuous rise of the Coronavirus in Pakistan, troops are deployed all over the country. And all four provinces have announced lockdown.

Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir have been deployed as per the notification issued by the Interior Ministry. Army services are sought under Article 131- A of the Constitution

All passenger trains are closed nationwide

The minister  railway has closed the train option from 12 pm on March 24. Under which the service will be closed until March 31.

The economic package of the government

According to the prevailing situation in the Corona virus, the government has announced that petrol and Rs 15 per liter have been made cheaper. When there are two hundred billion allocations for workers.

Instructions for burying the coffin to the corpses carrying Corona.

The Government’s Department of Relief has released guidelines on the burial of those killed by the revitalized Corona virus.

The department has instructed the Corona virus-makers to use masks and gloves.

According to the statement, the corona virus victims are buried in a plastic cover and buried in a coffin. Immediately destroy the substance used during bathing. When relatives of the deceased are allowed to appear in the dead glass pin window.

No one will be allowed to leave the house after  8 pm.

Sindh government tightens lock claims to prevent corona virus Anyone can be allowed to leave on the streets after eight o’clock in the night, when medical stores near hospitals are only allowed to be open.

The government of Pakistan has closed all public and private government centers, amusement parks for 15 days all over the country to prevent the Corona virus.

No business will be allowed after 8pm

According to the notification, no business of any kind will be allowed after 8pm in all the streets, neighborhoods, markets.

According to the Sindh Home Department, all factories will be closed for 13 days, however, food factories will be allowed to work while pharmaceutical factories will continue to operate.

The Home Department says that strict action will be taken against the violators.

On the other hand, Transport Minister Awais Qadir Shah said that if citizens do not sit in their homes, they can impose curfew for a month.

In his video statement, Owais Qadir Shah said that the Sindh government wants to protect people from the Corona virus but some are violating lockdown.



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