Career opportunities of CMA USA

The CMA USA course by IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) USA is a widely accepted qualification. The professionals with a CMA USA certificate is sought after by conglomerates around the world. The entry-level salary package is also high for the CMA USA candidate. You can undergo CMA USA coaching in Kerala also. There are reputed educational institutions in Kerala offering the course.

You can opt for the course and dream of a great career in any part of the world. The educational institutions in Kerala offering the course will help you from registering for the course until successful completion. It has been observed that about 45% of students qualify CMA USA every year. With dedicated effort and perseverance, you will be one among the qualified lot. 

What is the qualification required for CMA USA?

Any student with a bachelor degree, in any subject, from an accredited university/ college, can join CMA USA course. The course consists of two parts, which are aimed at educating the students in various aspects of financial management and accounting.  

The CMA USA course will open up a new field of study for the students. It will educate them extensively in the field of finance, accounting, business strategy, financial analysis and many more.   

What is the syllabus?

Part 1 contains Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Analytics. This will include External Financial Reporting Decisions, Planning Budgeting Forecasting, Performance Management, Cost Management, Internal Controls, Technology and Analytics. 

Part 2 is Strategic Financial Management. This has topics from Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance, Decision Analysis, Risk Management, Investment Decision and Professional Ethics.

A CMA USA qualified individual is expected to shoulder greater responsibilities. Therefore, the subjects and areas of study are vast. It requires an educational institution with experienced teachers for coaching the students. 

As the certified candidate will be knowledgeable in the field of accounting, financial management, decision-making etcetera, he or she will be assigned with important posts. That ensues status and position in the organisation, along with an envious pay package.  

What are the career opportunities?

Boundless opportunities await a CMA USA certified student. He or she can enjoy the freedom to choose the region or country to work. Since the multinational companies and leading business firms opt CMA USA candidates, the qualification has always been in high demand. 

You will have comprehensive knowledge about the financial aspects. This is essential for the growth of any firm. They will depend on you for a decision regarding financial management, business strategy formulation, financial planning and so on. Hence, you will have a direct relation with the top echelons of the company.

The direct link with the who’s who of the organisation will entrust you with limitless authority. The company will look towards you for every critical decision. Your opinion regarding financial matters will weigh over others. 

After the successful accomplishment of the CMA USA course, you have to complete 02 years of professional experience. The professional experience should be in Financial Management or Management Accounting specified by IMA. This is an extremely important part for business firms to consider you for employment. You can complete the experience within 07 years after completion of the course. 

The career options and opportunities of a CMA USA is as follows – 

Chief Operating Officer (COO) – The COO is a senior executive. He or she will be responsible for monitoring the administrative and operational requirements/ functions of a business organisation. The COO reports to the Chief Executive Officer. The elite position of COO is considered second in authority in any business firm. 

The responsibilities of COO will include

  • Formulating business tact and executing the same to reap the maximum benefit
  • Policy formation that will have a direct implication on the firm’s goodwill, identity and vision 
  • Monitoring the functions of the organisation, its employees and implementing requisite amendments to regulations to obtain optimum productivity

Chief Financial Officer 

The CFO is the senior-most executive responsible for financial management, financial planning and financial strategy development. He or she will constantly monitor the cash receivables, payables, credits and debits. To ascertain the financial status of the company. It is CFO’s responsibility to institute corrective measures that will be necessary for the company’s financial development. 

Chief Investment Officer

The CIO manages and strategizes an organisation’s investment portfolios. Maintaining a relationship with investors, collaborating with external investment analysts for the betterment of the company’s investment plans and preparing investment policies are done by CIO. 

Internal Auditors

Auditing the company’s financial assets, fiscal revenue, deficits and so on. The internal auditor is a position of enormous authority. He or she will inspect all the financial documents, bills and certificates towards finding out financial irregularities. The internal auditor can directly report to the CEO/COO/ CFO/ Director Board regarding any discrepancies observed. 

Public Finance Associate (PFA) 

PFA will work in association with finance officers for maintaining the financial health of the company. The PFA will examine financial systems for ensuring proper functioning and advising on revisions of financial planning and management. PFA plays a pivotal role in improving the efficiency of the organisation. 


Finance Director

The finance director along with other directors will observe, identify and strategize operations to keep the company financially healthy. The FD will frame financial control functions for the benefit of the company. The strategies and financial management functions prepare by the FDs will be favourable for the long term growth of the company. 

In addition to the above-mentioned job opportunities, a CMA USA can also become Senior Financial Analyst, Business Financial Analyst, Senior Accountant, Director-Finance, Relationship Manager, Senior Executive Officer Senior, Accountant Investigator, Payroll Accountant, Senior Financial Executive, Finance Manager, Cost Analyst, Accountant and Pricing Analyst.





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