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Mobile tracker app Review: Best for tracking employee’s activities

Business organizations always thinking of tracking their employee's company’s owned devices. Nowadays, business professionals used to provide mobile devices to employees to use it...

IPhone SE: The shape is similar to the iPhone 8 but features the iPhone 11

This phone has been named as iPhone SE and after 2018, Apple has introduced the SE series iPhone for the first time in the...

Designing and Creating a New Salesforce Application

The process of making Salesforce applications. Going through the main stages of Salesforce development. Developing any software is a complex process, and it requires a...

Has Instagram replaced Facebook as the coolest form of Social Media?

Although Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same people, has Facebook’s star started to wane? Are young people moving sideways and is it...

Using Smartphone for Learning a Hard language

Language learning is an everyday life routine, even if you are a monolingual still you are exploring your mother tongue. Now, just like other...

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