Career opportunities of CMA USA

The CMA USA course by IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) USA is a widely accepted qualification. The professionals with a CMA USA certificate is sought after by conglomerates around the world. The entry-level salary package is also high for the CMA USA candidate. You can undergo CMA USA coaching in Kerala also. There are reputed […]

If your leaders are great

Over time, politicians learn how to keep smiling at difficult questions or comments. It is one of the virtues of democracy that you are accountable to everyone, so you learn patience in the face of bitter questions. There is no other option because if you want to get votes from the people, then you have […]

New guidelines from the International Cricket Council: The possibility of a permanent ban on spitting on a cricket ball.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) may soon announce a permanent ban on spitting on the ball by players, especially bowlers, during the game. The ICC on Friday released a detailed document on the resumption of cricket, which indicated that a complete ban on spitting on the ball could be imposed for hygiene reasons. The International […]

Venezuela sues Britain over gold

The Venezuelan government has launched a lawsuit against the Bank of England to force it to return ڈالر 820 million worth of gold. The gold was seized following economic sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the United States and Britain. Officials in Venezuela say they want to sell some of the gold in the Bank of […]

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