Venezuela sues Britain over gold

The Venezuelan government has launched a lawsuit against the Bank of England to force it to return ڈالر 820 million worth of gold. The gold was seized following economic sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the United States and Britain. Officials in Venezuela say they want to sell some of the gold in the Bank of […]

How to Deal With Nepotism Simply in the Workplace

Nepotism means to give favor to those who are someone’s near and dear. A person who has the authority and special power, but he uses it unfairly and refers to his family or friends. For example, such a person generates opportunities in the workplace or provides a job to an individual or a group. He […]

Official Launch of Beijing Remote Health Service Platform

At present, the epidemic of COVID-19 has entered a global pandemic period, and there has been an increasing demand for Chinese medicine from Chinese nationals, overseas Chinese and students, and foreigners at home and abroad. In order to provide them with an even faster and more convenient health service, the first Beijing Chinese-English bilingual Chinese […]

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