Sail Internet: An Introduction

Post-Covid-19 the world has seen an almost unprecedented increase in internet consumption and an emphasis on working from home, which has further increased our dependency on internet services. With many internet service providers (ISPs) gearing up for higher bandwidths and faster download, upload speeds, many new ISPs and private companies have jumped in to get […]

5 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Brands, associations, and organizations utilize social media platforms each and every day to interact with their audience, bring issues to light, and drive leads and business. With a drew in following on at least one of the significant informal organizations, brands can adequately get the message out about missions, new activities, and new items and […]

Using artificial intelligence for military purposes, will China weigh heavily in future wars?

China, Asia’s fastest-growing power, has focused on the use of artificial intelligence AI technology to advance national security interests. According to a document from the Academy for the Promotion of Artificial Intelligence in China, “Weapons equipped with artificial intelligence will not only be able to control future wars from afar, but will also be able […]

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