China’s artificial intelligence ‘threat’ to balance of power

intelligence, the world’s economic and military balance may change. The report gives examples of how artificial intelligence can be used for military purposes. It may be recalled that in July, China announced a national artificial intelligence project which said that China would not lag behind the United States in this field.

However, one expert said the warning could only be loud claims.

The Center for New American Security, which publishes the report, says China is no longer “technologically inferior” to the United States and can not only equalize, but also surpass the United States.

According to the report, “the Chinese military is investing heavily in artificial intelligence projects and its research institutes are working closely with the Chinese defense industry.”

It added that the Chinese military expects the artificial fundamentals to completely change the context of the war.

The report’s author, Elsa Kanya, says some experts are waiting for “singularity” on the battlefield, when humans will not be able to compete with robots’ ability to make decisions at lightning speed during combat.

The Pentagon’s policy is to use robots instead of humans in warfare, but the United Nations is considering banning the use of sophisticated weapons.

“The Chinese military can use artificial intelligence in unique and unpredictable ways, without the legal and moral restrictions imposed by the United States,” wrote Elsa Kanya.

Professor Noel Sharkey heads an organization called The Campaign to Ban Killer Robots. He told the BBC that Chinese authorities had told him they had no plans to build such a robot.

“The Chinese are more concerned about what the West is doing, so it could be an empty threat,” he said.

However, he acknowledged that within five years, China would be on par with the West. “Many Chinese students are doing interesting work in the fields of artificial intelligence at companies like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. Baidu has 60 different artificial intelligence platforms and has spent ارب 1 billion to buy Western artificial intelligence companies.

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has also warned of the dangers posed by artificial intelligence in China. He recently said in Washington DC: “I think our lead will last for the next five years, then China will come to us.”

According to Reuters, a Pentagon document warns that Chinese companies are buying shares in US companies that have technology that could potentially be used militarily.

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