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Content Copyright Checker: The Particulars

A content copyright checker is more commonly known as plagiarism checker, because the intent of both is to single out the content that could potentially set you up for a hefty lawsuit of copyright infringement or plagiarism. So, what is a copyright checker and which ones can you use for free to check your content for originality and creativity? This passage will do just that. 

As explained beforehand, plagiarism checker and a content copyright checker are interchangeable terms, used to denote the same software or service that checks your content to see if it copied from some source or if its original. So, further down this passage, you will find different content checkers enumerated. They also double as content copyright checkers, so, you know, two birds, one stone thing.

What is a Copyright Checker?

A copyright checker or a content copyright checker is a service that allows a user to check their written content for plagiarism and/or any other misuse of content originally used for reviewing. It uses several methods; different plagiarism checkers and copyright checkers use different software or algorithm to compare and detect content that matches other sources. For example, the most commonly used software is known as ‘Text-matching software’, which does its job like the name implies. Paid software like Grammarly and use these methods, wherein the software uses internet archives and ‘a search of billions of webpages’ for content that reads and is written verbatim to what the user has uploaded. It is one of the most efficient ways of detecting plagiarism and remains the go-to content copyright checking mechanism of today. 

Why do you need a Copyright Checker?

Content copyright checkers are used by virtually every office, publishing house and academic institutions right now. The latter two are more inclined to use it, considering that the content they have to deal with requires stringent measures against copyright infringement or plagiarism. Copyright infringement or plagiarism in academic settings and documents is a big no-no, and the penal code for such deviations is actually quite strict, tantamount to capital punishment in real-life settings. 

Similarly, as content writing itself emerges from being a niche to an employment and freelancing powerhouse, more and more companies like Grammarly and Turnitin are reporting a steady increase in their subscribers and daily users. That is because the more content is produced, the more likely it is to be plagiarized or copied from a source. And since copied content does not fly anywhere and the untrained eye can’t differentiate, you need copyright checkers and plagiarism-checking software.

Popular and Useful Copyright Checkers

While there are many services and websites that provide the copyright checking service for free, you can expect what kind of services they provide in return for shady advertising. They are at times inaccurate and do not give out detailed information regarding the copyright content i.e. where is the content lifted from, what percentage of the document is plagiarized and what the source content might be. As such, since it does not inform what percentage of a document has been plagiarized, it could lead to unwanted issues with an actually original document (many academic papers and documents allow up to 12 per cent of content that resembles source material in the form of quotes, verbatim research findings and/or utterances). However, the below mentioned services are complete in their reporting of copyrighted content.

  • Grammarly:

    One of the most-subscribed software used as a copyright checker. It has a monthly and yearly subscription and provides a detailed report of the content you put in for plagiarism checks and copyrighted content check. It shows the percentage and the source website/ material (where the content might be copied from).

  • Turnitin:

    The most-used academic plagiarism-detecting software. It is unavailable for individual users but can be bought by an institution to be used as a copyright checker for the staff.

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