Corona Virus: Let’s ‘Go’ so the world comes back happy

Spring has come this year, the flowers are open too, but they become garbage instead of flowers. While the Corona virus has severely affected every kind of business around the world, the flower business has stopped in the Netherlands.

Spring has arrived in the Netherlands, the most beautiful country in the warp, colorful and fragrant flowers are also open, but these flowers have turned into a pile of rubbish instead of this time.

Spring is coming to the Netherlands, this is the time when flowers of all kinds of red, pink, white, yellow and all kinds have been produced all over the country and now they have to be presented in various exhibitions being made all over the country while worldwide. I was supposed to sell it, but the Corona virus has suspended business life around the world.

Concerns around the world have been canceled due to concerns over the Corona virus, including exhibitions of flowers in the Netherlands, while exporting borders have also been halted, as millions of flowers remain in the same warehouses. ۔

People in the flower business have now started throwing these flowers in the garbage pile. When tens of millions of colorful and fragrant flowers are dumped with the help of trucks, the surrounding area is bathed in colors and fragrances.

This is happening for the first time in their lives, the floral auction and exhibition has been taking place in the Netherlands for almost a hundred years, and is the first time the farmer is in his peak season, says Michael Wayne, a flower businessman. Themselves throwing them in the trash.

According to him, about 70 to 80 percent of the flower production in the country has been similarly wasted.

Half of the world’s flower production is cultivated in the Netherlands, with the Netherlands selling 77% of its production worldwide. This flower export is mostly made in Germany, the UK, France and Italy.

The Netherlands industry accounts for about $ 6.7 billion annually and is a contributor to 5% of the GDP.

About one million people across the country are involved in the cultivation, distribution, trade and business of flowers, and now after the worst loss, they are all about to go bankrupt. Most people have been associated with the family for decades.


According to Michael Wynn, his overall revenue has dropped 85% this year, after the loss he is now forced to look to the Dutch government as all companies, traders and growers associated with the flower business suffer the worst financial loss. Have been

One farmer says he has given most of his flowers to make fertilizer, ‘It’s hard to see under the heavy machines when the beautiful flowers next to my hand crush them.

Instead of throwing away their flowers, Michael says, some people send medical staff to hospitals and pass them off to the streetcars when they appear on the street.

According to him not only the Netherlands, other countries associated with the cultivation of flowers are also in the same situation, including Kenya and Ethiopia. Both African countries are leading the production of roses.

In Kenya, 70% of the flower production is sent to Europe, where these flowers are now being dumped.

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