Was the Corona Virus Predictable in a movie named “Contagion” released about 10 years ago?

The Hollywood film Contagion, released in 2011, could hardly be described as a blockbuster at the box office. Despite being a well-known cast, including Matt Damon, Jude La, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Vincent and Michael Douglas, the film ranked 61st among the highest grossing films this year.

But Contijin has made a surprising return to the list of most searched movies on Google and the most downloaded movie on Apple’s iTunes store in the United States.

Warner Bros. Studios, which created Contagion, says December was the first time Coved-19 was reported in China. This was only the 270th popular title in his catalog.

And three months from now, the film Contiguin is just behind the Harry Potter franchise’s eight films.

All this is due to the corona virus and the current outbreak and the similarities between the plot of this movie that was made over a decade ago.


Life imitating the movie

In the film, a businesswoman (Paltrow) is killed by a mysterious and deadly virus, which she infects during her visit to China, and the virus then causes an emergency all over the world.

The aspect of China in the film is one of the few things that is known in real life and that has increased the popularity of the film in recent weeks.

The actress’s interest in the film is once again illuminated by Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Animation’: The American actress posted a photo with a mask on her face in a transatlantic flight on February 26th.

He wrote in his Instagram post, ‘On the way to Paris. Careful? Smart? Scared? Calm? Infectious Disease? Propaganda? Paltrow ‘will go ahead with the program and fall asleep with it all.’

Paltrow, who has 6 million followers, wrote: ‘I have already been in this movie. be safe. Do not shake hands. Wash hands frequently. ‘



The contagion film has a striking resemblance to reality.

The role of Paltrow in this film seems to shake hands with a Hong Kong chef named MEV One. The chef got the virus from infecting a slaughtered pig that was infected with a bat.

She then returns home, becomes critically ill, and is killed within a few days. Their son also dies soon, but Matt Damon’s immune system, which plays the role of her husband in the film, protects him from the virus.

And now, in fact, health experts believe that the Quaid-19 Corona virus transmitted from the Chinese city of Wuhan in December last year was transmitted to humans from animals.

Even here it is believed that this corona virus started with bats, just as the SARS epidemic began in 2002-2003. After that it was passed from other animals to humans.

There is no consensus on what the other animal was (the animal was a pig in the film Contagion), but Chinese authorities have identified a live animal market in Wuhan city as a spread of the virus.

Like the current outbreak of the Corona virus, known as quotid 19, the film also spreads virulent viruses through close contact with humans or by touching contaminated sites.

Taking inspiration from real life

Both the actual and the actual illnesses shown in the film cause respiratory problems, but the film’s MEV1 virus is derived from a real virus, Napa, that is not from the Type 19 virus.

In fact, the current epidemic is far less deadly than the epidemic. The death rate of the characters was reported at 25% in the movie, while according to the World Health Organization, the death rate for Quad 19 is currently around 3.4%.

The MEV1 virus in the film congestion kills 26 million people worldwide in one month. In the first three months of this new Corona virus spread from China, the death toll has risen to 4,000.

In recent history, the outbreak of the outbreak in the film was the only Spanish flu that spread throughout the years 1918-1920, killing more than 50 million people.

Stay separate

When the film is suspected to be epidemic, the epic intelligence service staff is sent to a real organization to try to identify and isolate the victims.

The movie quarantines the American city of Chicago, a large-scale lockdown in China.

The effects of fear and illness

The return of Contagion has surprised Scott Z Burns, who wrote the script for the film.

However, in an interview to Fortune magazine, he said that the original purpose of the Contagion film was to show that modern society is at risk of such an outbreak.

“The similarity between our film Contagion and the Corona virus is unnecessary, accidental and not really important,” Burns said.

‘What is more important and true is the spread of social reactions and fears, and their impact.’

He was probably referring to a conspiracy theorist blogger named Alan Cromwede, a certain character in Contagion.

The role was played by Jude Law, and the character Carmidae has been known to spread the virus’s fake treatment, spreading baseless rumors about the virus.

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