Cost of Moving Yourself in Mumbai

There are many people who plan to relocate by themselves in Mumbai. Household shifting is a troublesome and tiresome task, but yet people decide to relocate their house without the help of the professional movers and packers Mumbai. They think that hiring moving agency is very expensive. So, to save money they follow do it yourself procedure. If you have also decided to move by yourself then here are the moving expenses you need to include in your moving budget.

Book a Rental Truck

You may pack your goods without the help of the movers, but without booking a moving truck you won’t be able to transport your belongings. So, you will have to book a mini truck or large moving vehicle to transport your goods.

Packaging materials

While calculating the expenses of a DIY move you will have to add the cost of packing materials. Because you would need a good quality packaging materials to pack your belongings which can prevent damages during transportation.


To secure yourself from any loss of damages and theft of the goods, you will have to buy insurance for the goods. This way you can recover the loss of the damages through insurance coverage. But, buying the transit insurance will increase your cost of moving.

Extra equipment rental

If you are moving with lots of goods then you would like to move with the comforts of dolly, loading ramp, mattresses and furniture covers, and this you can borrow from any Moving Company. So, keep extra money for this also. You can rent it from a transport company in Mumbai.  

Traveling expenses

As not only your goods but you will also travel from your old home to new home so, you should include the traveling expenses in your budget as well.

This way you can know that how much it can cost to relocate house in Mumbai by yourself. But, remember that when you will calculate all these expenses to get the final amount of your moving budget then you will only get an approximate estimation of the move. Add 5 percent to the total amount of your budget, which will give you the contingency buffer, because one should always keep extra money in hand during the move. This way you can relocate your home by yourself within your budget. The cost of household move in Mumbai can range from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000 but then again some factors can affect the moving expenses that we have just discussed above. But, in order to have safe and damage-free move it is recommended to hire professional packers and movers in Mumbai.  Calculate packers and movers charges to estimate your moving cost using packers and movers cost calculator.

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