Develop a User-Friendly Handyman App with these Features

Plan to enter the on-demand home service industry with a Uber for handyman app to create ripples and set yourself successfully apart from the competition? The article is for you.

The online home services market will grow at a CAGR of 21.14% between 2022 to 2030, resulting in market volume becoming $1826.35 million by 2030. These numbers suggest that the solution has an element of uniqueness in it.

This is why the traditional home services industry is observing their digitization taking place at a rapid pace. After the pandemic ended, it has become important to take app advantage to stay relevant.

If you are a newly formed business providing home services and plan to digitize your offerings, make it as feature-rich as possible.

Read the article to know how you can perform this to get your profits boosted revolutionarily and obtain returns like never before.

So let’s begin.

Introducing You to Handyman App

An on-demand handyman app is a solution that connects customers to providers, like beauticians, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc. This allows the former to get support related to different activities like plumbing, fixing gadgets, etc.

So what are the factors responsible for its popularity?

Reasons Why On-Demand Handyman App is Popular

As we stated in the definition above, the on-demand home service apps ease it for customers to find beauticians, and plumbers nearby. This is followed by allowing the service providers to assist customers in performing the booked services seamlessly. Thanks to this ease, the solution has observed its popularity growing manifold.

There are other factors also responsible for its prominence. Check them out below.

Attractive Market Stats for Uber for Handyman App

  • The online on-demand home services market globally will experience a growth at a CAGR of 5.9% from 2022 to 2028.
  • The market size for the market was $1,38,880 million in 2021.
  • The volume for the industry will be $199,590 million in 2028.
  • 2030 will observe the industry size becoming $2826.35 million.
  • The CAGR of the industry is going to take place at 21.14% between 2022 and 2030.

Check out the graph below to get a comprehensive view of the growth.


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Easy App Operations

The app functions extremely seamlessly. Customers simply enter the app and tap on the service they want to access, like beautician, plumber, etc, and select it. Upon selecting, they add their location details which ensure they get connected to a service provider nearby.

Thereafter they select a service provider matching their desired requirements and book their services adding time and date. As soon as they perform this, the service provider is notified of the same and accepts the request.

The customer is notified of acceptance. Thereafter the customer and service provider track each other until the latter arrives.

The service provider last offers their support and leaves which ultimately leads to the customer providing a rating and review for the same.

Knowing the different factors responsible for the popularity of the solution you are ready to step into the competitive world of handyman services app development.

Want to understand how to perform the activity like a pro? Continue reading.

How to Create a Unique Uber for Handyman App?

When you set out on the journey to creating a Uber for handyman app; it is critical to make it as feature-rich as possible.

Here are the features that would boost user engagement and allow a seamless connection between the end user and the service provider.

Search Handymen Nearby

This is one feature that will allow your customers to locate service providers nearby their vicinity or location in a simplified way.

Take for instance your end-users who are in search of a plumber, or electrician nearby them, this feature will streamline the overall search process.

It is recommended to include filters within the search bar so that customers can enhance their service provider search process.

Schedule & Cancel Appointments

The next feature that would boost user engagement is the feature of scheduling appointments at the customers’ convenience.

This will allow them to book an appointment for the services they want as per their flexibility citing the time and date they would require the desired assistance.

Alongside the support to schedule their appointment, the end user should also be able to cancel it in a situation if they are unavailable for availing of the services.

This will streamline the booking process completely making it easy for the service provider to seamlessly manage their different tasks.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Want to build the Uber for handyman app and wish more users remain retained in your solution? The multiple payment gateway features are something to make this achievable.

Through it, customers would get the flexibility to select from different payment modes – like cash, card, and wallet, one they require and pay for the services.

This will ensure the accomplishment of two areas- transparency in payment breakdown for the services, and most importantly, boost the percentage of user engagement.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Probably one feature that you cannot miss out to add is this one as it makes it possible to seamlessly know the real-time location of the service provider when they get going toward customers’ locations.

This will ensure when a customer books services and confirmation by the home service provider takes place, the former can track the real-time location of the latter. This is when they get notified the service provider is reaching out.

Earning History

For service providers listed on the Uber for handyman app to get clarity on the earnings made daily/weekly/monthly, or yearly this is a vital feature.

Make sure to have it included as well. This will give your service providers a clear insight into the payments they received for the services they provided. Side-by-side, they would get enlightenment on payment modes used.

These features will streamline the search and booking process and ensure a seamless connection between the two.

Wrapping Up

The Uber for handyman app will earn $199,590 million by 2028. These attractive numbers elucidate its popularity. One prominent reason for this prominence is the features that they contain. This is why those in the quest to digitize their offline home service venture are getting its advantage. If you are also one among them, research the target market and competitors to assess a design your app will include and features as well, at the same time. Connect next with a dedicated on-demand handyman app development company offshore and share your requirements. Get yourself an app next that drives value and boosts your returns like never before.

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