perfect way to shade your balcony

Find the perfect way to shade your balcony, patio or terrace and enjoy the coming summer days without stress.

Summer is here and it is finally time to enjoy your balcony or garden. It’s finally time to hang out with friends to have fun or just relax or even spend some time with yourself. But are the outside areas of your home exposed to the sun and wind? Below you will find the right shading solution for you to enjoy the summer weather, creating the ideal atmosphere .¬†seven wonders city Islamabad

Before investing in a shading system, carefully study the needs of your space:

what surface do you want to cover?
what is the weather like in the area? (eg if it blows a lot)
is this a space that is used occasionally? (eg holiday home)
can the interior of the house be “darkened”?
Depending on your budget and personal aesthetics, you can find a bunch of modern and original ideas in outdoor shading systems that you can make yourself up to a point.

Wooden frame:

If you have enough space and money, a permanent construction will not disappoint you in any case. However, in addition to the ready-made pergola sets that you can buy, there are also DIY solutions if you can get your hands on them, with which you can significantly reduce costs. In carpentry shops and department stores with household items there are wooden beams in various qualities and prices. All you need to do is apply an anti-rust varnish or paint. For the assembly of the wood and the placement of the shading material, you can consult a special technician to ensure the best possible result with the least possible effort. Because these structures are usually permanently exposed to both sun and rainwater, be aware that they require maintenance or painting every 2-3 years,


Sunshades or shading nets:

Sunshades are easily inserted as a roof or side on a wooden or metal frame and are used as shelters on terraces, above swimming pools to collect leaves and dust. They can also be used in special constructions for gardens in order to create a place of relaxation in combination with hammocks or swings. Good quality shading nets are an economical choice, they are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), they have a waterproof coating and UV coating, so they offer you up to 90% shading, while protecting you from both harmful sunlight and rain.

Reed: The reeds are placed as a shelter on a pergola or in a lighter construction and are a good and economical solution. You can choose reeds from reed, wood, bamboo, mat and even PVC depending on your preferences and tastes. A strong construction withstands strong winds, “cuts” the sun’s rays and creates a holiday atmosphere in your garden, terrace or balcony. You can also use a reed in a roll, bamboo blinds up to awnings on a wooden or metal base that will ensure shade and coolness in your space, while at the same time they will not darken it much. Spread the roll on the frame you have chosen and then tie it tightly every 20-25 cm with wire to hold longer.

Blinds: If your space needs lateral shading to block the sun’s rays from the sides of the structure, blinds are the ideal solution for you. You support them on the side of the pergola and you have full coverage throughout the day. In the market there are blinds from various materials, such as bamboo, cane, synthetic fabric, HDPE fabric that work with roll-up mechanism and roman mechanism. They are high strength and provide an elegant result.

Camouflage Net:

A cheaper alternative but with a good shading rate are camouflage nets. They are placed like sails on beams, metal or wooden structures and pergolas. They are modern and highly durable. They come in many colors and designs to suit all outdoor spaces.

Natural or Synthetic Foliage:

Finally we must not forget the simple natural way. Create a shady corner using trees or climbing plants that you will orient with the appropriate supports. And if gardening is not your forte, there are also synthetic foliage in different types, such as shrub, ivy, boxwood etc. In fact, it is an original solution to cover pergolas without much cost and with easy installation, as they do not require special maintenance and offer a sense of true foliage. Add extra plants to the spot and create your own Eden wherever you are.

This summer, find the shading system that suits you and take advantage of every corner of your garden or terrace , at the same time putting your personal taste. It’s time to enjoy your balcony or patio with your loved ones without being educated by the hot summer rays of the sun .

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