Four Points on The engagement Ring Finger

Four Points on The engagement Ring Finger

The engagement ring finger, in many Western cultures has been designated on the 4th finger of the left hand. The tradition arose from the belief that this engagement ring finger has a vein running directly to the heart. However, sadly due to science and our understanding of modern day anatomy shows that all fingers have a venous connection to the heart and no such singular vein exists. Yet, tradition dictates many a couple to designate their left hand ring finger to signify their commitment to each other. Here are four points regarding the engagement ring finger.

  1. Placement of the rings in the ring finger – In case you have decided to wear your engagement and engagement ring finger on the same finger, you might be wondering about stacking. Married couples conventionally wear their engagement bands closest to their hearts, i.e. at the bottom of the stack pushed towards the base of the knuckles. If you want to honor this on your engagement day, the most popular strategy is to switch your engagement to the hand just before you walk down the aisle. Now your partner soon to be spouse can slide the ring right up your finger.
  1. engagement ring finger and engagement ring on different hands – You can absolutely the wear the engagement ring finger and engagement ring on different fingers of your hands. The choice however, is often determined by cultural as well as personal preferences. Some women opt to wear their engagement band on their left ring finger. And their engagement ring on the right ring finger. Whether you prefer to uphold this ancient tradition or create your very own is entirely up to you.
  1. Wearing rings on ring finger minus being engaged or married – An old wives’ tale, but people tend to believe it that wearing a non-committal ring on your left hand ring finger can bring bad luck. If you do believe in any such superstition, wear it if it fits! However, if you wear a ring on that finger, it could mean you are wearing a engagement ring or even an engagement ring and that you are in a committed relationship. This might not be a good sign especially if you are out in the dating scene.
  1. Wear rings at all time – While it might be tempting to keep those rings at all times, you will want to avoid any potential damage to the rings such as scratching the metal, harming the stones or disfiguring the settings. You will definitely want to remove the rings when you are doing chores and cleaning (especially if you are using chemicals, going to the gym or participating in other physical activities.

Cultural traditions, as well as norms, set the standards to this custom of wearing the engagement ring on the left-hand ring finger. The ring finger is of utmost importance when it comes to engagement traditions and customs. Make sure you find out your right ring size before you buy .

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