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Government Announces Paid Internship for Engineers 2023

Normally the students after intermediate choose a field for their life and in which they are interested so after the completion of the degree they will work easily. Most of the students are choosing Medical, Law degree and some of them are choosing to engineer. The students prefer medical degrees instead of engineering degrees.

Engineering also has a good scope in Pakistan it depends upon how you are studying and how much your interest is in studying. There are many options and fields in Pakistan for engineering students. Engineering is also a big field here. In the following, we will share the engineering field so you can check their scope and take admission to the right place where you will work hard for your future. Here Jobs in Pakistan are also available.

  • Civil Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electric Industrial Engineering
  • Computer Architectural Engineering

Engineers play an important role in the advancement of the country. All the challenges in the country like lack of electricity, water, and pollution are solved by the engineers. They work hard for a better future for the country.

Recently the Government announced a paid internship program for 20000 students and each engineer will get Rs40,000 monthly through this program. In the annual meeting of the Institution of Engineers Pakistan, federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal announced this program. He said,

“We have decided to promote the engineering sector in Pakistan,”

Soon the government will also build a university in the name of Abdul Qadeer Khan. He said this internship is for unemployed graduate students. The students can also check Technical Cadet Course registration. The government also announced business loans will be turned into business and agriculture loan programs.

In a few days, the application form will be available at pmyp (Prime Minister Youth Programme) so that interested candidates can apply for the loan and start their businesses. And it will be so much helpful for the students who want to start their own business but have no money. The government provides a good opportunity to students who are free after graduation and interested in working but they don’t have money. But now the government provides a golden chance for them for their future.

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