How Can We Design Logo For CBD Packaging Branding?

There are many different aspects of brand design, but CBD brand design is different from other types of logo designs. The process of branding involves:

  • Presenting your company in the best possible light.
  • Motivating consumers to do business with you.
  • Providing ample advertising.

Most of the branding elements revolve around graphic design and affect how attractive your company is to customers. A quality logo design will help do all of these things and much more.

Styles of logos

Different styles of CBD packaging are suited to different types of products. For example, CBD chocolates need different styles than other chocolates. Chocolate packaging also needs to indicate that gluten-free, vegan, and organic. For CBD chocolates, they should also mention whether they are caffeine-free or not. Chocolate packaging should be simple, but do not cram too much information on the label. However, CBD chocolate boxes are more significant, and they can include all the panels of the packaging and the logo.

Different kinds of CBD brands require different styles of packaging logos. Medical marijuana brands should use traditional healthcare colors, such as blue and white, as these connote sterility and trust. Lifestyle CBD brands need a different color palette. Brighter pastels and soothing blues are suitable options. Likewise, neutral colors such as grey and black create a professional look for CBD products. Apart from choosing a style that best suits the brand’s personality, the logo should be prominently displayed on the packaging.

Types of fonts

The types of fonts that you use can make or break your brand’s overall look and feel. Consider the personality of your brand and your target audience. For example, if your brand is geared toward the younger, laid-back crowd, a casual font might work fine. On the other hand, if your CBD brand is geared toward a more mature market that uses the product for medicinal purposes, modern, clean font is better. A clean sans serif font is a great choice.

The Brains Pure monogram uses a combination of typefaces to create a stable, established tone. This monogram is adopted throughout the brand’s extended range as a signature graphic device, holding truths about each product. Similarly, Hanayu uses an all-lowercase Grand Slang from Nikolas Type and GT America from Grilli Type. The logo represents the company’s ethos and reflects its brand personality.


While most people associate CBD with calming effects, it also has numerous other benefits. CBD packaging should have some of the brand elements mentioned below regardless of its use. To help create a solid overall brand, consider using the following colors for your CBD product labels. Green, blue, and orange are all great color choices for CBD packaging. Blue is a trusted color, while green provides a connection to nature. Bright and bold colors are eye-catching and add to the shelf appeal of your CBD products.

Although green is the most common color associated with cannabis, you may want to consider the age demographics of your potential customers. Baby boomers may gravitate toward more neutral and earthy colors, while Gen Xers may prefer vibrant and bold colors. Remember always to research your intended audience and then use the appropriate color palette to create a cohesive brand. The best way to make the right choice for your brand is to be true to your brand’s mission statement.


When designing CBD packaging, the font used is vital to your brand. The typeface you choose should match the personality and tone of your brand. Choose a casual font to engage a relaxed crowd. You can use hand-drawn fonts to convey a laidback vibe, while a more formal, high-end brand might benefit from using an elegant serif font. Regardless of what kind of audience you’re targeting, the right font will add credibility to your brand.

Your packaging should reflect the company’s brand promise. When choosing fonts, keep the following in mind: a clean, sleek finish; good colors; and a strong logo and slogan. The green color is an excellent choice to establish a connection with nature, while the blue color represents trust. While creating the package design, it’s important to remember that the typography of your CBD packaging is just as important as your branding and marketing materials.


Creating a brand image for a CBD company can be challenging, but you can create a recognizable logo that will make consumers curious about your products with the right approach. The logo should be simple yet sophisticated, with warm colors and hand-drawn imperfections to give it a natural, authentic look. Read on to discover more tips on designing logos for CBD packaging branding. And don’t forget to keep your brand message consistent throughout your branding materials.

Typeface choice is essential. Choose a typeface that will convey your brand’s personality and appeal to different market segments. Consider how casual your audience is before choosing a font. A relaxed, laid-back brand with playful typefaces may appeal to a younger crowd. Conversely, a more sophisticated brand promoting CBD for its medicinal benefits might be best represented with a modern, clean font. Consider using elegant sans-serif fonts if your target audience is a bit more conservative.

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