How to choose the name of your company?

by Waqas Ahmad
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Are you looking for a name for your business? This element is essential to foster the success of your organisation. It is through your name that you define yourself with your prospects and your employees. Indeed, it is the first thing they see about you, whether through search engines or in face-to-face conversations. 

This element can allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition faster by using specific connotations. It also represents a positioning criterion which must succeed in communicating a notion relating to the quality/price ratio. Want to know more? Find out how to choose the right name for your business in six steps.

How to choose the right name for your company: define the brand universe.

Defining your brand universe is the first step in creating your brand, and finding a suitable name. Among the elements to be taken into account, it is necessary to precisely define your vision, your mission, your values, your personality, your service offer and your history. Setting a vision involves identifying precisely what the business was created for.

 The purpose is more about knowing how to respond concretely to the idea. Explaining values ​​and personality comes down to highlighting the qualities used to promote your service offering. It is also defining the elements that create proximity with target prospects. The service offer must be precise via the positioning and characteristics of the products/services offered. Finally, the story must inspire and be consistent with the service provided.

This first step is essential to find an original name that resembles you. It is, therefore essential not to limit your thoughts. If several people are involved in the creation of your business, do not hesitate to exchange your ideas. Find out how to choose the right name for your company through brainstorming. you can also use name generators like dragonborn name generator for dragons names and company name generator which can generate company names.

Clarify your unique selling proposition

After having been broad in the definition of your brand universe, you must now focus your research. Find out how to choose the right name for your business by defining a unique selling proposition. This selling proposition must simply take back your competitive advantage.

 This advantage must be in phase with all the elements that you have previously defined and represent the basis of your concept. Your unique selling proposition should be specific. Indeed, selling an overly broad scheme that promotes being the best in your sector is not selling. A good strategy is to offer a niche advantage, that is, an advantage that is little provided on the market.

The value proposition is an essential element that you can put forward every time you present your business. Whether through a pitch, or visual content, it will be useful to you to arouse the interest of your critics or your prospects more easily.

Use tools to create names

It is only after clarifying the brand universe and the unique value proposition that it is possible to know how to choose the right name for your company. By having made an effort to identify all the elements previously mentioned precisely, you have an overview of what to consider. This is important for your name search. Why? Quite simply, because you can now make sure of the relevance of a name so that it does not harm the elements that you have identified.

Several tools for automatically finding names exist. Whether you use them to find a flagship name or simply for inspiration, discover Panabee, Name Mesh, or even Net Substance.

Check name compliance

Have you identified all of the previously mentioned elements and found proper names? You think you have covered the question: “How to choose the name of your company”? Taking a step back after seeing one or more names is necessary.

Indeed, it is not uncommon to forget elements because of the fact of being explicitly focused on an aspect that must respond to a global strategy. Finding a business name is, therefore, demanding. This is why it is essential to verify your name with your prospects or people outside the project. You can share the name and ask them the following questions:

What does this name make you think without thinking?

Is the tone of the name rather serious or light?

Can you repeat the name so that I can check if it is understood quickly?

You should then take note of the responses and refine your search as needed. You can also make sure your name isn’t out of date or too regional if your goal is to expand internationally.

Make sure the name is available.

Have you finally found the perfect name for your business? All you have to do is make sure it is available on the web and that it is not deposited. Indeed, it is not because a domain name is not taken that the commercial name is not registered. 

This step is essential because if you are building your brand around a name that is taken, then you will have to choose between changing your name or repurchasing a name. The latter option is generally expensive. If the name you want to choose is relatively long, you can choose a short domain name. It is also advisable to purchase multiple extensions, such as .ca (Canadian) or .com (commercial). You must take into account that there is no space in a domain name. This is very important to ensure that the meaning of your name is always the same through your URL.

The question “How to choose the name of your company” no longer holds any secrets for you.

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