How to Get Rid of Mental Stress Due to Corona virus

How to Get Rid of Mental Stress Due to Corona? Increasing cases and deaths of the Corona virus are being locked down all over the world, causing many people to wonder what will happen in the future and when will the virus be eliminated?

In this regard, American psychologist Dr. Michael Sinclair says that it is not uncommon for these conditions to be disturbed and to have similar thoughts repeatedly, but overcoming them can greatly affect mental health.

Dr. Michael Sinclair said, “Our brain focuses only on what is going on around us and then does what it has to do. But as a result, it is the biggest concern that causes mental stress.”


Let’s know what psychologists say to relieve mental stress in such a situation.

Don’t always listen to your mind

Dr. Sinclair says that whatever goes on in the brain doesn’t necessarily prove to be true, for example, if you say that I think I’ll get sick, it doesn’t really have to be.

He said that we can control our mental strength no matter how much we think, there is a difficult time, but by making ourselves suffer from mental stress, the consequences of the situation cannot be positive.


Don’t overlook the obvious signs of stress

Psychologist Dr. News says that anxiety and anxiety often cause stress on the brain, which causes the breathing to start sharp and heart-pounding, which can also prove to be life-threatening. Don’t

The effective solution is to sit comfortably in one place for 10 seconds and repeat this process 2 to 3 times.

Write a diary

If you are in constant tension in the current situation, write down your feelings in a diary, then write down all your concerns and concerns, says Dr. Elizabeth Trump, affiliated with the British Association for Counseling and Psycho Therapy. Keeping it somewhere away and forgetting it will make you feel light in mental tension.


Draw two circles

In addition, Dr. Elizabeth Trump said that an interesting solution for relieving mental stress is to create two circles on one page, one on which you have control, while the other writes the conditions or problems that you have. But you can’t control it.

Doing so will make it clear to you what you should focus on and not think of something that is not in your own right.


Stay connected to your loved ones

Gerard Barnes, CEO of the British Psychology Institute and Clinic TMS, says being alone with these difficult times is connecting with people who are your well-wishers, sharing information about the virus with them. Do it positively and instead of worrying about it, it will reduce your anxiety and mental exhaustion significantly.


Focus on facts rather than rumors

According to psychologist Dr. Barnes, it has become commonplace to spread rumors without verification in the modern age of online, but do not be alarmed to hear any information regarding Cod-19, but

rather go to the British National Health website. Please confirm that all up-to-date information and facts are available for virus protection precautions.

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