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Over time, politicians learn how to keep smiling at difficult questions or comments. It is one of the virtues of democracy that you are accountable to everyone, so you learn patience in the face of bitter questions. There is no other option because if you want to get votes from the people, then you have to treat the people with respect. However, nowadays this practice has come to an end and now the minister or politician who can speak the most openly is entitled to sit in high positions and in the shows of TV channels.

When a new minister met the Prime Minister, he was told not to be afraid of the media but to fight and if he was scared, it would not be good for him. Another special assistant to the prime minister also complained to the spokespersons that so-and-so spokespersons or ministers do not take positions on TV channels. By not taking a position, he means that he does not openly attack his opponents verbally and speaks in a polite manner.

There is no doubt that the channels have made us very impatient. Wow wow our tongues and accents have deteriorated. However, the deficit has been met in the last few years and is now free for all. A person who can’t talk awkwardly on TV can no longer participate in the program. Nor will the party send him to the show on TV. In the beginning, the people enjoyed the fight of these political roosters. The news disappeared and the subject of TV shows remained only politics, political roosters and their party leaders, in whose honor they keep reciting poems all the time.

People from two or three parties were seated in the show and then the moon started beating. The next day work started from there again. Neither the anchors get tired, nor the political roosters, nor the people. The channels gave a new trend. Any party MNA or any other person participating in the show does not forget to mention the name of his party leader and his leadership skills in every other sentence. The MQM skillfully started this work in such a way that the greatness and leadership abilities of the leader were mentioned in everything that he said and he said. Earlier, in the Musharraf era, the names and tributes of Pervez Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz were in the language of every minister. Zardari’s sons carried on the tradition. How could Nawaz Sharif’s ministers and party leaders remain silent? They started chanting his name. I remember very well that Imran Khan even made fun of these politicians saying that they are so mentally enslaved that in everything they take the name of Altaf Hussain, Zardari and Sharifs first and then talk.

۔ Imran Khan said that all these political dwarfs have reached the limit of flattery and all of them have become domestic servants of those political parties whose job is to praise and flatter them all the time. Khan used to say that the job of party MNAs and ministers is not to flatter their leaders but to keep them on track and expose their every wrongdoing.

When Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, everyone thought that this trend would break now but it turned out that now the matter has gone beyond the previous periods. If you open a channel, there will be a PTI minister or spokesperson sitting there repeatedly mentioning the miracles of the Prime Minister. One day you start counting how many times he mentions Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif or Zardari or Bilawal. The flattery culture that Khan used to make fun of, now it is known that he himself has been painted in the same color. Show me a PTI man or his show in which he does not mention Imran Khan dozens of times in a ten minute conversation.

These leaders do not realize that repetition makes a person bored. I remember when I did my TV show for four days, I didn’t go to any TV show for the next three days. If many anchor friends were angry, they would reply that they should have mercy on some viewers. They listen and watch us for four days. Give them rest for three days. Don’t bore them by showing your face again and again. Let them breathe a sigh of relief in these three days. When they see your face again in three days, they will not feel bad and will listen and see.

This is not understood by political leaders where the culture of flattery is now common. Sometimes I wonder if the leaders of all of them were as great as they tell us, then who has made this country this way? How did this country become indebted to the tune of one hundred billion dollars during the reign of all the rulers whose eloquence and glory all these days tell us all this? Pervez Musharraf was also a great leader.

A wise man like Zardari may not be born in the next 100 years. A leadership like Nawaz Sharif may never be available. And Imran Khan is the first and last minded and capable servant of the world. Despite all this, how has this country become like this? Let alone ten nations make a great leader of the nations of the world like France was made by Charles de Gaulle, Britain was made Churchill and South Africa was made Nelson Mandela. Look at our misfortune. So many great politicians ruled over us and their compliments glorified them. They told stories that even these leaders did not know. Nevertheless, our journey continued downwards.

Yes, one thing all these leaders have in common is that they put all their intelligence into running their own business or changing the lives of their friends, advisers or donors. Perhaps all their talents and intelligence were spent where the country and the nation were to be served. Look at Mr. Zardari’s business. One to eight sugar mills were built. He bought a palace from Surrey to Dubai. He kept six billion rupees in Switzerland. If you count the details of Bilawal Bhutto’s property, you will not be able to read his statements till evening. Similarly, Nawaz Sharif’s property spread to five continents of the world. If you read the money laundering incidents of Salman Shahbaz carefully, you will realize how fertile the mind of the Sharif family is. All this intelligence was used to return the country and the nation. Now look at Imran Khan who used to say:

These are all flatterers who have nothing to do but flatter their leaders. All his intelligence, bravery and leadership skills have been taken advantage of by his friends and advisers who have been giving him party funds or donations. Be it drug scandals, sugar scandals, IPPs, wheat scandals, traces of their friends are found everywhere. Thus, whether the benefits of intelligence, competence and honesty of all our leaders have reached the people or not, but their own family, family business and friends have reaped the benefits. Remember the American saying that if you are so intelligent and clever then why you are not rich?

If, according to the ministers, MNAs and party spokespersons of these political parties, their great leaders have such intelligent, cunning, capable and leadership abilities, then only their own families and donors will have their intelligence. Why? Why didn’t the benefit of his intelligence reach Pakistan and the people? His fraudulent friends became billionaires. Why didn’t Pakistan become rich?

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