Indian Visa Online for Netherlands And Portuguese Citizens

Citizens of the Netherlands must apply for an Indian visa to enter India for travel up to 90 days for tourism, business, transit or medical purposes. An Indian visa from the Netherlands is not optional, but a mandatory requirement for all Netherlands citizens traveling in the country to stay small. Before traveling to India, a traveler must ensure that the validity of the passport is at least three months prior to the expected departure date.

How do I apply for an Indian visa online from the Netherlands?

Indian Visa Online is an online operation form for citizens of the Netherlands which can be completed in few minutes. Aspirants must enter information, particular details, their contact details, similar as dispatch and address, and employment details on their passport runner. Applicants must be in good health and not have a criminal history. Indian visas for citizens of the Netherlands can be applied for online at this website and you can apply for Indian visas online via email. The process is very simple for citizens of the Netherlands. The only requirement for having an email ID is a credit/debit card for one of the 168 currencies or PayPal.

Once the fee is paid, the visa application processing begins. Indian Visa is delivered by email. India Visa for citizens of the Netherlands will be sent via email, after they fill out the online application form with the required information and once the online credit card payment is verified. In very rare cases, if additional documentation is required, the applicant will be contacted before approving the Indian visa.

What are the visa requirements for citizens of the Netherlands?

To enter India, Netherlands citizens will need a valid travel document or passport to apply for an Indian visa. Citizens of the Netherlands who have a fresh nationality passport must ensure that they’ve applied for the same passport they will travel with, as the Indian visa will be attached to the passport mentioned at the time of operation. There is no need to print or present any documents at the airport, as the ETA India Immigration System stores electronic documents as opposed to passports.  Applicants also need a valid credit or debit card or PayPal account to pay for an Indian visa. Citizens of the Netherlands must provide a valid email address in their inbox to receive an Indian visa. It is your responsibility to carefully check all the details entered so that there is no problem with the Electronic Travel Authority of India (Visa), otherwise, you may have to apply for another Indian visa.

Requirement of Indian visa for Portuguese nationals

Indian e-visa application process for Portuguese nationals

Indian visa (passport holder) for Portuguese nationals has been available in electronic application form since 2014. This is an online Indian visa application process that requires no paper-based formalities to be completed by Portuguese residents.  This process is officially supported by the Government of India under the India governance and is accessible on this website.

India e-Visa is an official document allowing Portuguese residents and citizens to enter and travel in India for tourism, travel industry, clinical visits, conferences, yoga, courses, workshops, contracts and exchanges, humanitarian endeavors and other business. Adventure in this new system of Indian Visa.

Indian visas can be collected online from Portugal and applicants can pay using any one of 168 currencies including Euro or Debit / Credit / PayPal.

Indian visas for Portuguese citizens can be obtained easily and simply. The process is as simple as filling out an online form in a matter of minutes, completing the payment procedure to complete the Indian online visa application form.

Do Portuguese citizens need to go to Indian embassy at any stage?

There is no need to go to Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate when applying for Indian visa online from Portugal. Once Visa for India is received via email, you can go to the airport.

You don’t have to go to the Indian Embassy for any evidence or stamp on your passport. No need to visit Indian Embassy. Indian Visa Online is recorded on the central computer system of the Government of India, immigration officers can access this information from any field in the world. Your name and passport number and Portuguese nation are recorded on the computer system.

 Portuguese citizens must either keep a soft copy or a printed copy of the email received on the phone/computer/tablet and take the iVisa to the airport. No stamp is required in the passport of Portuguese citizens for electronic Indian Visa Online (EVISA India) sent by email.

How long does it take to get Portuguese application approved?

Under normal circumstances of business, Portuguese nationals who filled out Indian visa application online and followed the instructions correctly and mentioned their first name, surname, date of birth without any match and also provided any additional supporting application like Portuguese passport scan. In case of Indian business visa, copy and face photo or a visiting card or in case of medical e-visa for India, a letter from the hospital can decide on Indian visa application within 3-5 working days.

In other cases, however, it may take up to 6-7 working days depending on the accuracy of the Indian visa application information or the public holiday or busy holiday season scheduled in India at the time of application.

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