IPhone SE: The shape is similar to the iPhone 8 but features the iPhone 11

This phone has been named as iPhone SE and after 2018, Apple has introduced the SE series iPhone for the first time in the market. This phone is similar to the iPhone 8 introduced in 2017 and will be available in three colors – red, white and black. The new 4.7-inch screen has fingerprint recognition technology, but face recognition is not supported.

Although the phone is similar to the iPhone 8 in form, the technology offered is similar to Apple’s latest iPhone 11. It uses the same processor that the company is using on the iPhone 11 Pro. Also read Why does the new iPhone look ‘scary’ to people? Apple introduces the iPhone 11 How to make a smart phone so smart? The price of this new phone is also much lower than the iPhone 11 and will be available in the US for $ 399 from April 24.

Experts say that by introducing a low-cost new phone, Apple could compete with mid-priced phones by companies like Samsung and Google, which are popular with most buyers in the mobile phone market. According to Dan Ivor of Wedbush Securities, this is because ‘usually once you buy an iPhone, it becomes a repeat custome The demand for mobile phones in the world has declined due to the Cod-19 but companies are still offering new models.

OnePlus introduced its new model this week, while last month Huawei introduced its famous P40 range phones. Apple warned in February that a lockdown in China could affect Apple’s product manufacturing and could affect its sales. Apple’s stores are also closed in several countries around the world due to Corona.

۔ However, experts estimate that in the next six to nine months Apple’s new phone could sell two to two million units. The new iPhone SE also has wireless charging facility while the camera mounted on it is 12 megapixel resolution while the selfie camera has a resolution of 7 megapixel. Mobile phone market analyst Carolina Melanesi says Apple’s second-hand market is also huge and there are many people who buy used iPhones because they are unable to buy a new iPhone, and that is a lower price. Their new phone can attract them, too.

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