New Tips to Remove Shortcut Virus from the Drive

Are you finding problems with your hard disk, pen drive or SD card of Shortct Virus? It is such a kind of virus that changes the original folder icons into shortcuts. It disturbs your data and you cannot see your data except the shortcuts. Subsequently, it has a logic behind by which your folders become shortcut due to the virus. This virus hides the original folders and creates new folders with the same name. These new folders don’t work properly or we, often find them empty.the-corona-virus-and-the-world-bosses

However, we have a free solution to such a problem of getting empty folders of the shortcuts. All this happens because of this damn virus but should not worry. You just need to follow the new tips to remove the shortcut virus. It has made your USB drive, SD card, and hard disk corrupted. This is the ultimate solution that you won’t lose any data. Even you don’t need to format your drive to remove the Shortcut Virus. 

Usually, our computers are infected by viruses, to get rid of; we use anti-virus soft-wares. The case of shortcut virus is different from it, to remove this virus don’t have to install any software. You know, shortcut virus automatically enters into your computer, USB, and SD card and changes the files or folders into shortcuts.

 It, occasionally, may remove your significant files completely that you never had thought about. Chances are that you plug-in your USB affected with shortcut virus, into your friend’s computer. In this way, it affects his computer or affected with virus USB to your computer and you get this virus. Here are some tips for the removal of this virus. 

  • Use Command Prompt for the Removal of Virus
  • The 2nd Process of the Removal of Shortcut Virus
  • Removal of the Virus through Registry Tweak


Use Command Prompt for the Removal of Virus:

The use of the command prompt for the removal of the virus is the best way. It is not only the best method to remove the shortcut virus but also to recover files. It has 95% chances to remove the virus completely from USB, memory card, personal computers, mobiles, and hard disks. 

To start, just click the Start Menu button and type CMD select command prompt with right-click and run at the same time as administrator. The window of command prompt will open then insert a USB that is affected. Now note down the name of any drive you entered. Here will be the system affected drive. 

Attrib is the name of an MS-DOS command and it helps us to change the properties of a file or folder. Now press enter key and wait a moment to complete it. As soon as, it completes it will check your drive, shortcut file and convert them to normal. It also deletes all unknown files.  At this time, you regain your files and copy them somewhere then format your drive or USB. 

The 2nd Process of the Removal of Shortcut Virus:

Earlier we have discussed the CMD method now learn the next process. We are tracking your eyes to read briefly the 2nd process of the removal of the shortcut virus. However, just do a right-click on the taskbar and select the task manager. Then select the process and scroll down the search process after that select end task.

Removal of the Virus through Registry Tweak:

The registry tweak method is also helpful to remove the shortcut virus. Therefore, just open Run from Win+R then type Regedit and press the Enter key. A registry editor is before you and in the top-right pane look for the registry key. So delete it by right-clicking on it after that just restart your windows.


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