Reasons to Get an Obstetric Ultrasound in Every Trimester of Your Pregnancy


Pregnancy requires intense and individualized care not only for the well-being of the baby but also for the mother’s wellbeing. Reasons to Get an Obstetric Ultrasound in Every Trimester of Your Pregnancy Antenatal care is important because it helps prevent pregnancy problems and this leads to the giving birth of a healthy baby. From knowing the level of your hemoglobin, knowing if you have an infection or not, knowing your HIV status to venereal disease checkup and the rest, you need to do all tests to ensure your baby is not at risk of developing any infection.

Ultrasound at First Trimester of Pregnancy

The first ultrasound is normally to confirm and check the status of the pregnancy. Some of the things that are looked for are the fetal heartbeat, implantation site and check whether it is a single fetus or twins. It also examines the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and status of the cervix. Such findings are important because they help the doctor in planning the appropriate mode of care approach to benefit you Antenatal care Obstetric Ultrasound. For example, when you have placenta previa or abnormal placenta insertion, the doctor will know. It can also detect ectopic pregnancy thereby enabling doctors to plan on how to make the pregnancy last for long.

Situations When You Should Do an Ultrasound

During the pregnancy, some factors might force you to do a scan to see or confirm the status of the baby. One of the factors is when you have persistent hypertension, a condition called pre-eclampsia. This could lead to a hematoma in the placenta that could lead to the sudden termination of the pregnancy.


If you do a scan, it may show the placental hematoma and you will be assisted to deliver the baby immediately before it gets affected immensely. If the baby is not kicking or absence of fetal movements, you need to do a scan so that you rule out anything that could be causing reduced fetal movements. Once the obstetric ultrasound identified the fetal heart rate and reports it to be regular, you will be sure that your baby inside is safe. Other additional factors that warrant an Ultrasound include

  • Bleeding from the vagina during pregnancy
  • Draining of Liquor before labor
  • Pains on the abdomen that do not end


Ultrasound Scan at Third Trimester

This is normally the last trimester of the pregnancy and it begins at week 28 up to 40 weeks or more. This is where the baby has developed and all organs are fully functioning except for the lungs that are not fully mature. You can determine the sex of the baby, know the presentation of the baby and the position. If done well, the scan can show whether or not your pelvis dimensions are perfect for you to give birth normally or not. The sex of the baby will help you prepare for your baby while the findings of the pelvimetry will help you choose the mode of delivery.


Obstetric Ultrasound is paramount if you want the best care for your pregnancy. Get at least three scans in the pregnancy before you deliver. It provides the basis of proper decision making on the best mode of delivery for the wellness of the baby and the mother.



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