Questions to ask when Renting a House

Questions to Ask When Renting a House

When it comes to renting a house, which questions to ask when renting a house. Renting is an enormous decision and requires a lot of money. Apart from the monetary aspect, the house in question is where you could be living for a few months or even years! Several questions need to be asked when it comes to renting any place.

Our guidelines will provide you a list of few questions to ask when renting a house and their importance.

What is the Rent of this House?

This is the most obvious question, and everyone looking to rent a house asks it. But discuss the amount beforehand and understand it before renting the building.

It is vital to know the date on which your landlord will expect the rent. Some people prefer to receive it on the first day of the month while others have a bit relaxed attitude towards rent payment.

Always ask if the total amount of your rent may increase in the future. Many people fail to discuss this fact beforehand and then face many issues later on.  

What are other or Hidden Charges that I Might have to Pay?

When you move into a neighborhood, there is a chance that they might charge you a few extra bucks for their maintenance services. In some areas, there is not enough parking space. It is scarce and difficult to find.

Due to this reason, there is an allocated area of parking nearby for all the residents. Make sure you are aware of all these kinds of charges before making a final decision.

What is the Situation of Utilities such as Electricity and Water Supply?

 Make sure you move into a neighborhood and a house where commodities such as electricity and water are available all the time. Ask the real estate agent or owner of the house about the electricity or water supply.

Utility bills need to be discussed beforehand as well. Some landlords keep the utility bill payments in their own hands. This means that the clearance amount of those bills is included in your monthly rent. Clearly define and discuss these terms with the prospective landlord.

What is the Maintenance Cost in the Region?

When you live in a house, it is bound to face some wear and tear. This means that you will have to call in a plumber or electrician every now and then. Make sure you know the cost of their services in the region.

Analyze if you can afford it in the coming months or not. You don’t need to ask your landlord specifically about this. Instead, ask these questions around the neighborhood or just Google them!

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Contract?

Contracts are essential when it comes to any legal matter. The clauses mentioned must be discussed and thoroughly understood by the landlord. If there is any clause you do not understand or have an objection against, it is best to bring it up with the landlord BEFORE signing the contract!

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What Happens if I want to Cancel my Contract at any Point in Time?

Certain conditions need to be met when it comes to canceling a contract. Ask the landlord if the amount of rent is refundable in emergency situations. If there is a non-refundable policy in your lease, discuss it with your landlord. This is because it is not legally allowed in most states.

How soon can I Move in?

There is a chance that you are in a hurry to move to a new house. Clarify the date from which you can start living in the house and move in it. Decide on a date and mention it on the contract to avoid any issues in the future.

What Mode of Payment will you Accept for Rent?

There are many different ways for a person to pay rent these days. Some landlords accept bank transactions, online transactions, written checks, or even cash. Ask them which method they are most comfortable with. Stick to one mode of transaction.

What if I am Unable to Pay Rent on Time?

If you have an unstable income; and find it difficult to pay rent on time, discuss it with your landlord. Understand the consequences you may have to face in such a scenario. For example, some house owners like to charge an extra fee or interest rate if the rent is a few days late. It is best to go through these terms beforehand.

How much amount do I Need to Submit in the First Month?

Most house owners prefer to receive two to three months’ rent for the first time. Clarify this amount beforehand to avoid any confusion or financial burden. Get the amount you paid for in the written form on your contract.

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