Why Naruto Is Still The Best Manga Of All Time

Why Naruto Is Still The Best Manga Of All Time

With the best manga of all time achieving immense popularity and success even before the onset of this millennium, it is shocking that it is still ongoing! There is a good reason why this one stays in the hearts of the fans for a long time. In this post, we are exploring the reasons for Naruto’s unbelievable fame and the biggest worldwide fanbase.


The Story Is Speaking Right To You

Unlike most other best manga of all time and amines, in this story, you can always find a reliable character. Even though the series is called Naruto, and he is the main hero, it’s not all about him. There are thrilling storylines about other characters, and you can’t name either supporting or side-characters. They are also a huge part of the story. You can sympathize with any side from the very beginning of the story, and it’s up to make that decision. The main heroes are introduced in the very first episode for a good reason: Sasuke and Sakura are of no less value to the story than Naruto, because they are the story as well!

Each plot adds a new level to the story, a new way, and perspective for you to look at. Even the villain’s standpoint is explored, and they may such deep characters that you can feel them no less than the protagonists. All abilities and skills of each person are unique, their nature a curious mystery. Everyone has their own dreams, personalities, and purpose. In what other story do you feel each and every individual so greatly?

The Realism and Endlessness Of The World

The universe in which the Naruto setting is played out was created by the brilliant writer and illustrator Masahi Kishimoto. Before releasing the first volume of his work, he thought thoroughly of every little detail. The mastermind knew where the plot was heading right from the very start, twisting plotlines so unexpectedly to the viewer great shock. Despite the magic and unlikeness of the real world, this one feels so real. There is not a single plot-hole or miscalculation missed by the author.

Through the pages, we can view the story of the many characters from the moment they were little children, to the point of their full mastery and adulthood. Witnessing death and treachery on an unexpected chapter makes sure that the fans have to keep guessing what’s next. And it’s not the unreasonable kind of plot moves, but if you view it from the outside, a wholly logical advancement in the storyline.

Comparison To Other Great Works

Naruto series is quite often put in contrast with many of the works by CLAMP and the Dragon Ball Z universe, but for very different reasons. The latter is so heavily focused on fighting and battles that it missed the heart feelings we are getting from Naruto’s story. Fans are always comparing the major events of the two series, but it’s not about what makes them similar, but sets them apart. It is the notion of the narrative that is so insurmountably richer in Kishimoto’s work. It’s the deeper level of emotion and attachment we are feeling to the characters.

Tsubasa-Reservoir Chronicles is a great series written by the CLAMP authors. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest pieces of their work, but we still believe that it pales in comparison to Naruto. What Dragon Ball Z got perfectly, the fighting and the action, keeping you on your toes at all times, Tsubasa misses completely. Naruto turns out to the perfect mix of storyline and action to keep you hooked and loving the series. We highly recommend you check out the latest article about Reservoir Chronicles at manga-magazine.com. They give the best short-rundown of the series, without spoiling too much storyline.

The Time Factor

What other best manga of all time do you know of, that has been successfully grabbing readers’ attention for longer than two decades? Naruto definitely fits the criteria, with new work by Kishimoto coming out every year. And it’s not the redundant story nobody wants to hear, but a genuinely artful continuation of the main arc and spirit of the past work.

We see the main three heroes grow from scared little children to the mightiest warriors on the planet. The achievements we see them accomplish touch all of our nerves. Every fight and process they go through challenges them to be better and grow, right before our very eyes. If that’s still not enough for you to give this piece of art a try, give this article a read.

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