Sail Internet: An Introduction

Sail Internet: An Introduction

Post-Covid-19 the world has seen an almost unprecedented increase in internet consumption and an emphasis on working from home, which has further increased our dependency on internet services. With many internet service providers (ISPs) gearing up for higher bandwidths and faster download, upload speeds, many new ISPs and private companies have jumped in to get a piece of the pie, because now more than ever, providing internet services is a cash cow nowadays owing to the vast number of subscribers always looking for the best deals. One of these new entrants in the market is Sail internet, which promises blazing fast speeds at low prices. Let’s take a look at what makes Sail internet worth your consideration.

A good majority of the world’s total population logs in to the internet every day. According to the latest estimates, a whopping 4.66 billion use the internet. That’s a good 59 per cent of the total population. And that number has increased; according to many estimates, 2020 alone saw as many as 321 million new subscribers who logged in to the internet for the first time; to give you an idea, that’s 875,000 new internet users that signed up everyday for the past year. And this pace is not slowing anytime soon; until the whole wide world uses the internet, the revolution will go on. And Sail internet is one of the players about to make it big with their download speeds and inexpensive packages.

What is Sail Internet?

Sail internet is an internet service provider which started back in 2015, as an inexpensive alternate to people tired of paying obscene amount of money for packages that don’t really do justice to the hefty amount being paid. Long-time subscribers of services like AT&T and Comcast have rapidly switched over to Sail internet, which goes on to show the kind of service they provide at a certain cost level. What’s more, they are especially active at this point, when majority of offices around the world are switching to work-from-home, which requires an uninterrupted support from the internet provider and are providing a host of benefits, discounts and signing up bonuses to encourage people to move towards fast, reliable internet without the extra costs. Sail internet is the one to have if you like having fast download and upload speeds and without paying extra.

What Makes Sail Internet So Good?

There are a ton of things that make Sail internet one of the best ISPs on the market right now. From its extremely friendly and customer-centric support staff to the various tailor-made packages suitable for individuals living in studio apartments to business packages that bundle in GB’s of data in a single price bracket. Needless to say, there is a good reason why many people and faithful customers of services provided by multi-billion-dollar companies like AT&T and Comcast and switching over to a relatively new entrant in the ISP market; the benefits far outweigh the price they charge.

Following is a breakdown of the services and benefits they provide,

Benefits of Sail Internet

  • For households, no data caps or contracts that you have to sign to get optic-fibre speed. Fast downloads at 300 Mbps and uploads at 200 Mbps.
  • For enterprise and businesses, speeds starting from 1 Gbps (for both download and upload) for $199 a month.
  • No pesky contracts. You pay for what you use, no more, no less.
  • Fixed bills with no hidden charges or extra costs.
  • No data caps, which means that Netflix and Disney+ have no streaming caps. Watch as much as you like.
  • Optic-fiber ensures 300 Mbps speed means 300 Mbps speed. No less than that.
  • Net neutrality is what Sail internet believes In. No blocking or throttling particular websites.
  • Privacy is Sail internet’s policy. No tracking on surfing, downloads or streams.
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