Slow website loading causes and its solution

Slow website loading causes and its solution

Now web development is a crucial part of the business in Pakistan as well. The trend of web development in Pakistan is increasing with time.  The businessmen understood the whole senior in the pandemic that:

  • if they want to survive in the market and have long-term future plans. 
  • If they want to expand their business in this competitive market. 
  • If they want to increase the sales and get global reach.

Then the main thing in all this is web development. They should focus on having the digital appearance of their business on an online platform.  It is important if they want to implement the D2C approach. Through the web development or website they directly connect and interact with their loyal customers/consumers. They get their visitor and customers feedback. Their perception and understanding of what kind of image their brand has in the market. Along with that they also know what their customer demands and needs in future. 

But many of the businessmen cannot achieve their goals through web development even though the web website looks professional, unique and trendy.  Here are many things that are important in web development but the first and main thing is the website speed.



Slow website loading causes and solution

In the latest and current analysis in 2021, the website side optimization speed is essential if they want to attract the customers and potential users. According to the report (0.1- 0.3)second is the optimized website speed if your website takes more time then visitors and potential customers cannot wait. 50% of the people switch to the other or on the competitors’ websites. In simple words businessmen are not able to grab the attention of their loyal and potential consumers. 

  • Low Website speed badly affect the rate of conversion 
  • Bounce Rate will be higher
  • This (low website speed) will also affect the user’s experience.. 

If the web development companies in lahore want to improve the website loading speed. 

  • Their first step is to test/check the current website situation.
  • Analyzed the major issues in the website that causes the slow loading speed 
  • According to the situation they find the solution and improve the overall performance of the website. 

Here are some slow website loading causes and how web development in Lahore like can overcome/ resolve these problems:

  • A lot of element on the page:

According to the web development in pakistan research,  in 2015, the average page size of the web development was 2MB. After that it will increase in 2016 and it was 2.3MB  but 2017 it was 3 MB. The development companies in Pakistan believed that the elements on the website like images, videos, sheets, scripts and HTMLaffect the  size of the page and the speed of the website. 

Solution: only add those elements that are essential according to the website. 

  • High website traffic:

High traffic on the website is one of the reasons and causes of the slow loading speed of the website. As we know that information will be transferred with the speed of light but if the traffic on the website is high and uncountable then the website cannot entertain all the visitors at the same time and show error and maybe the website is stuck at the same place. 

To handle the high traffic web development companies in Lahore like used bandwidth. 

Solution: even if they cannot handle the traffic the only solution here is to increase the bandwidth. 

  • To many ads:

Ads is also one of the reasons behind the slow speed of the website. The ads take too much space on the website and even most of the business companies allow their party to advertise on their website, through this they make money.  Too many ads on the website actually affect the loading speed of the website. 

Solution: try to add less advertised content on your website if you want then use them wisely. 

  • Unoptimized images

Most of the people attracted by the image and most of the people believed that the image said thousands. Images make the interactive and grab the attention of the visitors and other people on the website. But when websites have a lot of unoptimized images. It will affect the speed of the website. Because the web designers used the high resolution image and for editing they used the photo shop and canvas like software. 


  • Use more png and jpg picture format. 
  • Test the website speed after add the images on the website
  • Ensure that the image that you add and post on the website must be less than 1MB. 
  • Flash content:

A few years ago, Flash content was used to increase the engagement and  interactivity of the website. And it is one of the most trendy among the website owners and web developers. But due to this factor/ element in the website causes the slow loading speed. Along with low loading speed it also affects the user experience. 

Solution: the web development company analyzes that if they skip the flash content on the website and use this in a minimal form it will help to improve the website loading speed and give the user to find things hickey when they click on the certain page it will open immediately without any delay. 

  • Not using caching techniques:

In marketing and web development the main thing is to grab the attention of the audience. By using the caching techniques. Because it will help to improve the performance of the websites. Along with leaps and bounds. Most of the web development companies in Lahore believe that if the website/ web development and the online appearance of the business is not caching then you miss the best part. Through caching the fasten the data retrievals funnels. 

Solution: for the business man it is important to try all data related to images and other static content. 

  • Skipping CDN services:

CND stands for content delivery network. CDN is the  network of independent servers that are used in different geographical areas. Web development companies in lahore used the current geographical location of the visitor and their loyal consumers. It helps to cater the visitors and provide them with content. Also through this the website content will be delivered in a shorter time. 

But most of the businessmen cannot be aware of this, so it is also one of the reasons that website loading speed is low because all burdens are on the website. 

Solution is to cache frequently accessed data in geographical distribution centers. 

  • In effective Hosting services:

Most of the businessmen buy a hosting from an inexpensive and cheap company just to save their money. Unfortunately, cheap web hosting badly affects the loading speed of the website. As a result, you lose your potential customers. Web hosting services help you to show your services online. Through the web host companies, give you the space to  build your website. 

Solution: to spend more money and get the best web hosting services that will help you to provide the best user experiences to your website visitor and potential customers.  

  • Limited time:

There are so many things/ elements and factors that cause the slow website loading speed.  If you want to improve the website loading speed you need to follow many steps, to optimize/ improve the website loading speed. To follow all these steps you need  proper time. But if you run a business you cannot give them the proper time and focus on each and every small element. 

Solution: find and hire the best web development company in lahore like planx. That saves you time as well as energy. Because the experts and professional teams of  the planx know various ways to improve the website loading speed without distrubed other elements of the website. 

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