Spying on your boyfriend Costs a Cup of Coffee

Spying on your boyfriend Costs a Cup of Coffee

Watching someone look like an arduous and painful task, right? but if you want to spy on your boyfriend’s phone, you will probably use one of the following methods:

You spend a lot on expensive surveillance equipment hiring a private detective at a high price. Keeping track of who you want to monitor, Carrying out inspections in their own way.

But you know that these methods cost a lot and take a lot of time and no guaranteed results after all, or you can get their mobile phone and you can get all the data and information you want to get, but you know that is practically impossible

It is no longer impossible. With the latest portable spy software you can monitor their phones remotely and without anyone knowing, just a few steps away and at a cost of a cup of coffee!


How do I get started?

The first thing you should do is to make sure that the spy software is working on the phone you want to track. All recent spy software works on all versions of Android phones, iPhone and Blackberry. You can be sure by visiting your chosen spy software website page to check all the compatible devices.

Once you know the ability of the software to work on the phone you want to track, you can complete the purchase. After purchasing your subscription you need to download the app on the phone to be tracked. You can discover the simplicity of the command through the How to Install page, by accessing your account you can access all the information on the tracked phones. Enter your username and password and press “Login” to continue.


My Services

You can view a list of all paid services separately in the “My Services” section, with details of the package and activation code. You can format the list and rename the services as you like. By clicking on the “Control Panel” you can access the dashboard of your account.

The dashboard shows you all available services to access call log, text message log, email, GPS, etc .. A lineup appears to the right of the screen. Each bar contains data from tracked phones according to the selected property.

Call log

By clicking on the call log you will be able to see all call recordings showing the contact name, phone number and other details.

Record SMS messages

By clicking on the SMS log you will be able to view all SMS logs showing the sender’s name, receiver, date and time of sending.

Email Log

You can view all emails with the message title, email address, time and date of sending, and the size of the mail and you can see if there are any files attached to this email.


The contact list shows all the contacts saved on the target phone and shows the name, number, email, and additional numbers, if any.


Every website or web page referred to as a favorite on the target phone can know and know the details of visiting this page or website.

Browser history

You can access the full history of the web browser and view the pages visited by showing the date and number of visits.

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