The Best Facebook Apps for Android in 2022

Facebook is effectively the ruler of all web-based entertainment spaces. The bulk of all Facebook clients access it from a cell phone. Thus, it is a good idea that any Facebook related app will be famous.

Facebook apps are accessible for a variety of purposes. Some are centered around informing the partner. There are other Facebook app alternatives. Some are focused on supervising Facebook promotions, while others make it easy to download videos.

These are the best Facebook apps for Android clients.

1. Facebook Lite

In the event that you don’t have a limitless information plan, checking Facebook all the time with the standard Facebook app can add up. Facebook offers a lite rendition of its app called Facebook Lite. This app has essentially generally similar elements as the normal app however with a downsized UI.

The app uses symbols without variety, more modest textual styles, and has a more modest impression (application size). Facebook guarantees that its app can work well even on a sluggish 2G organization.

Since Facebook Lite recoveries space doesn’t mean it misses the mark. You’ll find practically every one of the highlights you’re utilized to in the customary Facebook app, including emoticon, sharing photographs and video, post notices, and the Facebook Marketplace.


With space-saving comes a few idiosyncrasies, and posts are delayed to stack. Be that as it may, in the event that you’re coming up short on space, the app is a decent arrangement. If You want to learn more about why does my computer keep crashing then check this link.

2. Desygner

Desygner is a free web app for making imaginative plans for flags, business cards, posters, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The web app incorporates huge number of free formats, so you don’t need to begin the plan cycle without any preparation.

The Desygner portable app allows you to do exactly the same thing from your telephone. Utilize pre-made layouts to plan unique virtual entertainment posts, for Facebook as well as for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and that’s just the beginning.


For Facebook, you can browse configuration layouts measured explicitly for a Facebook post. You can likewise utilize the app to configuration profile header pictures or Facebook advertisements.

While the Desygner app is over-burden with such a large number of premium layouts, there are an adequate number of free formats to make the app beneficial.

Assuming you battle to concoct all around planned posts that will draw in additional preferences, the Desygner app is an astounding spot to begin.

3. Buffer

Buffer has long been the main post-planning app for online entertainment.

The importance of Buffer is that unlike signing in to Twitter or Facebook once every day and spamming your followers, you can plan your posts so that they become fancier over the long haul.

Free customization is limited to only three social records and 10 planned posts for each of those records.

In the event that you do not use many social records, Buffer is a reasonable decision. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

4. Timer In FB

This app, open just as an Android APK download from the Aptoide Android App Store, is great in the event that you feel like you’re spending a lot of time on Facebook.

Timer In FB logs your time spent on Facebook and furnishes you with visual outlines that separate that time by day, week, month, and year. You can likewise design limits, where the app cautions you in the event that you pass a most extreme breaking point in minutes.

You might have the app turned down your admittance to Facebook or Facebook Messenger on the off chance that you arrive at an optional breaking point after the warning.

In the event that you feel like you definitely dislike Facebook fixation, this is a little however successful app to assist with curbing the issue.

5. Friendly

Friendly is basically as practical as the Facebook app however with any intuitive UI. It includes an integrated courier app, new posts requested by latest, and the engineers guarantee the app will eliminate information and battery utilization.

The main channel gives a natural focus on anybody switching over from the marked Facebook app. Commenting includes emojis and the capacity to implant pictures or videos from your telephone or camera. The integrated courier app is simpler to use than Facebook Messenger, without the inconvenience of unintentional emojis on lengthy presses.

6. Facebook Ads Manager

The Facebook Ads Manager app is presented by Facebook. It’s intended to work on the promotion creation process. The app is an unquestionable necessity for any individual who buys Facebook promotions habitually.


The app allows you to make and oversee new promotion missions or screen and gain from the achievement or disappointment of past promotion crusades. The app advantageously allows you to browse any of the gatherings or pages you as of now administer.

Deal with all parts of Facebook advertising, including boosting posts, driving site traffic, or promoting pages or occasions. Assuming you’re liable for creating and managing Facebook apps for an association, this app allows you to take care of your business from anyplace.

7. Video Downloader for Facebook

Need to watch that Facebook video however don’t have time at this moment. Utilize the Video Downloader for Facebook to download great videos to observe later. Simply save the Facebook videos to the exhibition to play them when you are offline.

There are two methods for downloading Facebook videos: get the link from Facebook and duplicate it into the app or utilize the downloader’s implicit program to sign in to Facebook and tap the download button.

8. Phoenix

Phoenix Facebook is an option to the marked Facebook app. It offers overall a similar usefulness you’d expect with a one of a kind style and a straightforward UI.

Phoenix Facebook feels less jumbled and occupied than the default Facebook app. There’s likewise a valuable Pages channel that allows you to see just posts from the pages and gatherings on Facebook that you follow.

Phoenix Facebook is an ideal option for any individual who may be burnt out on the stock tones and styles of the default Facebook app.

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