The Best Wedding Fun options For Big Weddings

The Best Wedding Fun options For Big Weddings

  • March 3, 2022
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The best wedding entertainment options may not include the big bands playing traditional music, but we will let you decide that after seeing some of our great options. Making the decision to hire a band should not end in a high-pressure attack, but if you are not sure what to do, you may be struggling. That is why we offer great fun solutions for weddings of all sizes.


If the wedding is big, a big band?


Maybe not … Let’s consider what your wedding style is, before we choose the best wedding entertainment for you.


Formal – Ball room style dance, formal or black dress, evening wedding.


semi formal dresses – Indoor usually, semi-formal dresses, can be an afternoon or evening reception.


Casual – In / Out,  door casual to casual, attire evening reception.

As they say different dress codes, these wedding styles also mean a variety of band options.

The Best Official Wedding Recognition Options

including Big Band Era, Swing Band, String Quartet, Classic Ensembles, Latin or Salsa, or Orchestra – exclusively may include a theme or music season with selected music options . One of my favorite options is to rent a Big Band for music and add visuals to a variety of music options and entertainment options. Not everyone will be dancing, so having a variety of entertainment can make formal reception fun for everyone.

semi formal dresses Wedding Reception Options

Include Latin or Salsa, String Quartets, Jazz Bands, Swing Bands, or Show Bands with themes, contemporary music, and acclaimed special artists, or special acts .

Best Wedding Fun Ceremony for Regular Celebrations

including special acts, String Quartet, Respected Specialists or Bands with optional indoor / outdoor themes, lots of singing music, cool hiking or dancing music on the small dance floors may be included.

If the wedding is big, a big band? Featured songs with well-known cover artists, a cover band, or a collection of 10 pieces offering multiple options may be the best choice for a large wedding band. Or quartets of a few fun strings in different reception areas? Hiring an event planner, or music agent to help you plan your wedding party offers better options.

One of the most successful wedding ceremonies I can remember was a house party where the bride hired four different teams to play in different parts of the house, gardens, and barn – the ballroom turned upside down. The first part of the reception was very unusual, but later in the evening when the light came out of the ballroom, the four bands came together as one set and the ball room dance continued into the night.

How happy your marriage and acceptance can be, when you hire the right bands for the right job!


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