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The Growing Emphasis on End to End Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain management is not something that you can handle by yourself. It has been a huge challenge for many organizations, regardless of the different fields in which they are operating. These are complex, tedious, as well as time-consuming.

It is important to note that the serious challenge has been relevant to most businesses, regardless of the differences in scales. From small businesses to startups to giant companies, they are striving for  end to end supply chain visibility in order to improve their ROI.

Without adequate end to end supply chain visibility, not a single business could survive for decades with scalability. Even though they are surviving, they might need to deal with costly consequences.

If you have been running a business for a while and have noticed that there’s a problem in your supply chain, it is the right time to seriously consider end to end supply chain visibility.

So, what is it anyway? What does it have to do with your business process? Let’s explore this topic more in this article.

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End to end supply chain visibility explained

E2E SCV end to end supply chain visibility is the unveiling of information at all stages of the supply chain management, from the raw material to the delivery of the finished products to the end users or customers.

Transparency is a necessity to allow all the participants to monitor each step in the tangible product life cycle. The data is processed, captured, and organized well in the central control panel. Users who have access to the particular control panel can review, analyze, and interpret the data and share it with the stakeholders and other relevant parties to give them insights.

With these trustworthy insights, business owners are able to make new strategies, conclude decisions, plan for the long-term agenda, and make informative decisions that will benefit their companies.

In this case, you can rely on the visibility of the information so that you are able to make the right decisions for your company.

There are main components of the E2E SCV: procurement, inventory management, finance, logistics, operations, quality control, sales, and customer service.

To do a great data analysis, one will need to maintain transparency and interoperability in each of the components above.

Each member of your team needs to grab accurate and responsible information in order to collaborate and interact with the others. It is highly important to make sure that the processes are done to high standards so that the stakeholders and customers will be satisfied.

Meeting expectations can be a real challenge. But with the proper data analysis, you and your in-house team members can make it.

The visibility of the E2E supply chain can assist you in optimizing business processes and developing the right values for your brand.

The SCV can help companies improve their planning process.

Achieving visibility in real time across the supply chain can be considered a rare achievement. As we know, there is no such thing as a simple process in the global supply chains. The tasks require careful and meticulous supply chain management in order to attain the best result with the best pricing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hitting a lot of businesses. And most of these businesses would realize that they needed real-time visibility into their supply chains. The disruptions are everywhere. Without the proper solutions, it can be hard for most of those companies to strive and survive the competition. With end to end supply chain visibility, you and your business will be able to overcome real business disruption more effectively.

The highly improved supply chain visibility can help companies improve their supply chain performance.

For instance, the SCV tools and solutions offered by Agistix, for instance, offer clients control over full monitoring of the supply chain process.

The ability to perform the full monitoring revolves around the analytics, supply chain operations and evaluation, as well as the key performance indicators.

Agistix is also ready to help you provide the real-time visibility that can promote clear communication and treat collaborations as treatable between the in-house teams, suppliers, service providers, stakeholders, and clients. True visibility can build a strong trust amongst the participants of the supply chain. As you have stronger relationships with your supply chain visibility partners, it will ease the growth and improvement in your business process as well.

Better end to end supply chain visibility can also improve the process of business and digital transformation, which can also improve supply chain management overall.

The high level of visibility will improve the response rate of your business in handling specific problems. Therefore, you will also be able to handle the risks and disruptions more effectively in the future.

The real challenges in E2E supply chain visibility are the

More and more companies have realized the importance of supply chain visibility, especially the E2E part. However, not all organizations can smoothly obtain true visibility because of several pob stables.

According to recent studies, only 6% of responding firms have proclaimed that they have reached the objectives of the E2E SCV quality.

60% of them are directed toward supply chain visibility, but achieving the SCV is not their number one goal. Some companies rank the SCV as a secondary to third priority for development.

It is important to note that in order to achieve the true SCV, the appropriate software tools and solutions must be used. For those who have been struggling to attain the desired visibility, they will need to make the right decision before it is too late. It is important to work with the right party in order to achieve this kind of visibility.

Businesses will need to make important decisions. Not to mention, they will need to arrange the budget and plans wisely since it will affect their business future immediately.

Lack of technology stacks is one of the reasons why many companies have been struggling to achieve a high level of supply chain visibility. It is because many conservative parties are still convenient to work in the conventional ecosystem. It also affects their partners because one will need to have the same systems as theirs to be able to interact and collaborate.

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