The Importance of Hand Sanitizer Placement in the Workplace

Personal hygiene and cure is the first priority for everyone. Every workplace has a number of employees that work together, shake hands and touch official instruments daily. To avoid interaction of germs everyone needs to keep their hands clean and tidy.

For that, you need to wash your hand repeatedly but it takes a lot of time. To save time and get full satisfaction you can use sanitizer that takes less time and evaporates so wiping your hands is also not needed.

Every workplace must have hand sanitizer placements to keep the environment and surroundings clean and tidy. Like other equipment, sanitizers should also be a necessity at workplaces. Foam based hand sanitizers are better than the non-foam ones. They should be kept at places where they are easily accessible so that every employee uses it when needed.

Places where Sanitizers Should be Kept

Places where sanitizer are kept

Sanitizers are not only important for the workplace but it should also be kept at each and every traffic place such as hospitals, malls and even institutes. The placement should be done at places where they are easily reachable. Keep it near certain areas where there are more chances of visiting.

Entrance And Exit

An alcohol based sanitizer near the main door is the main placement area at a workplace. Every person enters and touches the same door and its handle each day, so to avoid germs and bacteria a wall mounted sanitizer should be placed near the door so that before entering the person uses it and then opens the door.

It avoids 40 to 50 percent chances of getting infected. Whenever a person enters the workplace there are higher chances that he brings bacteria and infection with him so it’s a great idea to place sanitizer here.   

Near Desk

There are many reports and official papers on an employees desk and they are touched by many other clients and colleagues. Therefore to avoid infection there should be a sanitizer on the desk.

Keyboards and mouse are also used everyday so they should also be used after getting your hands sanitized. No one knows that the papers are touched by whom and when so it is better to take precautions and decrease the chances of getting infected.


The restroom of a workplace is used many times in a day. It should be properly cleaned and used correctly. Hand sanitizers kept in there are useful for those who are in a hurry and the fact is that cleaning your hands with sanitizer is more relevant than cleaning your hands with soap and water. Even it consumes less time rather than soap and water. Sanitizer kills germs very fast and keeping them in restrooms is necessary.

Cafeteria and Food Court

Eating food without washing or cleaning hands is the biggest risk of getting infected by germs. Always clean your hands properly before eating. If you don’t have the option of washing your hands then do not panic just clean your hands with sanitizers and go forward. Sanitizing your hands before entering the cafeteria or food court is one of the good habits.

Meeting Rooms

Many clients visit the office for meetings and some discussion. The room is even busy the whole day by office employees and visitors so to avoid bacteria and germs sanitization is must.

Employees need to check papers and look at some documents while meeting and that reports are handed to so many people at a time. So to decrease the chances of bacteria there should be placement of sanitizer in the room. Just use a drop of it before touching any document and you are safe from the infection.


After entering the workplace the next area where a visitor enquires is the reception. A hand sanitizer bottle or a wall mounted dispenser should be placed on the reception or near it so that before touching any other equipment in the office the hands of the visitor are clean and bacteria free.

Person sitting on the reception desk should remind the visitor to use a sanitizer before entering the office premises. Spreading of germs can be controlled by using this simple initiative.

Opt for the Right One

If you are buying a sanitizer then make sure that it should be the right one. Foam based sanitizer is known to be a good one as compared to other ones. The one which has a higher percentage of alcohol is more powerful than the one that has a less percent of alcohol. Use the sanitizers that have moisturiser in it so that it prevents skin dryness.

They are non allergic and can be used by adults as well as kids. Make it a habit to keep them in your bag so that it can be used anywhere. Researches say that sanitizers are far more better than soap and water as they kill more germs and bacteria rather than soap.

Choose the Quantity as per the Requirement

Big workplaces need a high amount of sanitizers and small firms need limited amounts. The large ones need to keep stock as there are hundreds of visitors every day. In hospitals there are more than hundreds of visits and sanitizer is must equipment there.

Cleaning hands repeatedly is necessary there. In big firms also there are so many client visits as well as employees so keeping precaution is better. 1-litre hand sanitizer dispenser is preferable for these types of firms as the counting of users is more.

Advantages of Hand Sanitizer

  • The first advantage is that it consumes less time as compared to other cleaning techniques.
  • It evaporates so you do not need to wipe your hands after using the sanitizer. It can be kept at any place and can be used at any time.
  • When you do not have water and soap to wash your hands then you can definitely opt for hand sanitizers.
  • The hand sanitizer dispensers can be reused when necessary and have good storage capacity.
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