Top Ways to Monetize Your Social Media using Different Platforms

The hottest topic for any business, brand, or influencer with an online Social Media presence is Social Media Monetization. Social media is all about your content. What you post and what you promote become means by which people recognize you, get attracted to you or believe in you. Regardless of what social media platform you use, if your intent of creating social media accounts or profiles is just for the sake of earning money, then you ought to give something to earn out of it. Moreover, if you have goals such as brand awareness, growing business, establishing an online presence, and then consider monetization then there are social media monetization platforms to assist you and help you gain maximum benefit.

The simple social media monetization rule says that more than half of the content you post should not be focusing on sales but should interest your followers or audience. This content could be educating or entertaining as this type of content will often lead your following to talk about what you have posted and sharing it further. A little more than a quarter portion of your content should be something shared from non-competing businesses, industry-specific resources, etc. Whenever you see anything that could interest or engage your followers, share it. Chances are that they will share your content increasing your influence. The remaining part of your content which is the smallest part should be focused on sales. This is the part of what you post that will lead people into buying what you are selling without blasting advertisements on them.

Now that we know how the content is supposed to be, here are the best ways in which you monetize your social media platforms:

Social Monetization Platforms:

ConnectPal is a social platform that is similar to platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But what differentiates ConnectPal from others is that people have to pay to see the contents of your profile. ConnectPal is for any person, group, or business that has an audience or wants to grow an audience. The platform enables people to monetize their followers or audience seamlessly at little or no costs.

Selling Online courses:

Knowledge is a wealth that cannot be stolen but can only be given and is also the strongest of weapons. Thanks to the internet, knowledge, learning, and information were never so convenient to get. If you happen to be an expert in an area or your profession and you believe that you can teach it to others, you are a treasure for yourself. Social Media platforms are great places for selling online programs, e-books, e-courses, learning material, and much more.

Posting content that can educate your following and audience will lead people to buy education from you and willing to invest their time and money.

Integrating Video Marketing:

What is the most rapidly shared piece of content? A video. Video content is a form of content that is available everywhere. There are articles on videos, videos on videos, reviews on videos. The video content area is gradually becoming an area that cannot be ignored. Videos are the best form of content as you can keep your followers, audience or subscribers engaged, entertained, and also educated. Engage, entertain, and educate is the marketing trio and is exactly how content should be.

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