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Where to download GTA V mobile 2022

Rock Star Games has published a variety of action and adventure games. However, the most popular game played from the late 1990s to the present day is GTA. For someone who loves fun and action game, GTA V Mobile is the best choice. The game takes you to a cartoon world where you have to complete an underground journey. Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure game released in 1997. The goal of ending the game has attracted people because of the touch of the real world in it. Its original series included the town of Liberty, San Andreas, and the City of New York, San Francisco, and Miami, respectively.


What is the Grand Theft Auto V about?

Published Rock Star games, it is the 2013 GTA series. To establish the basic structure of the predecessor, the game includes protagonists. Based in San Francisco, the story is about three characters who try to rob because of the repression of corrupt government and powerful criminals. In the game, three protagonists are controlled by one player, and he switches between them.

First, it was released for the third gaming station with the Xbox 360. It was later upgraded to Play Station4 and Xbox One. In 2015 its new version was released for Microsoft Windows. It is expected that the latest mobile version of GTA V will be released in November 2021 as well as the XBOX X / S and PlayStation 5 series.

An exciting feature of GTA V is that you can also play in multiplayer mode by being online. Allows up to 30 players to participate in a variety of competitive game modes.


Version of GTA V Mobile:

Predecessors for GTA V mobile version for android users. The GTA IV series has not been released on mobile phones. Rockstar Games focuses on PCs and console development only. Not all players have a PC, PlayStation, or XBOX. Therefore, it has disappointed the smartphone players.

Don’t worry about GTA V, as RockStar Games has released its mobile version.


Mobile version info:

Application name: GTA V

Version: v1.09

Android Version Requires: 4.0+

Total Downloads: 9,000,000+

App Size: 21.1 MB + 2.6 GB

Developer: Rockstar Games


Android requirements for GTA V mobile version:

It will not work on normal Android as there are apk and data files that must be downloaded before installation.

Your mobile phone should have the following features:

Two main CPU
More than 4GB of RAM

To download the Android version, Click GTA V for Mobile.

Steps to install GTA V  mobile on phones:

After downloading the required files, the next step is to install the game. Here are the steps for installing GTA V:

First, Install the GTA V apk file.
Download the Es file testing app from the play store.
Open the download folder in Es File Explorer and select the zip file named download grand theft auto V
Download zip file to Android >> OBB. In the event that there is no OBB folder, create one.

Therefore. Your GTA V  mobile is installed. This will work flawlessly on your phone.


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