Why have people been fooling around in the name of red mercury for centuries?

Traditional stories about this mysterious substance have been going on for centuries and they are still popular. And now ads and videos on social media are announcing the sale of this mysterious substance. How has this story of ‘Red Mercury‘ survived till now?

Some people believe that it is an elixir that has a magical healing effect and is buried in the throat of the embalmed corpses of the ancient Egyptians and can be obtained from there.

Some even say that red mercury is such a powerful substance that it can cause resurrection.

Videos posted on YouTube show ghost-like traits in it. Some people claim that it is found in old type sewing machines or in bats’ nests.

But there is a problem in these stories and that is that the substance called ‘red mercury’ does not exist at all.

The search for red mercury

Despite the fact that red mercury does not exist, you will see people struggling to find it on various websites. A small amount of it is being priced in the thousands of dollars.

You will find many advertisements in which pictures are shown in the form of a red liquid tablet on a large plate. Along with this picture, a telephone number is also given on a piece of paper so that a fool can put the number of the seller.

The ad will state that only ‘serious people’ should contact. “We need proof of your purchasing power. Then we will give you proof of the existence of this substance.”

The impression is given that an illegal snake has been offered for sale.

Lisa Wayne, dean of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Sydney, says: Take it, or they’ll just waste their precious time. ‘

Professor Wayne’s precedent for this fictional story came when she was working on an Egyptian pyramid called Giza. She sat in a room with one of her fellow researchers, Dr. Zahi Hawass, an expert on ancient Egyptian sciences.

One day Dr. Hawass was visited by a Saudi prince whose mother was in a coma.

“The prince was traveling from one place to another for a large sum of money to treat his mother,” says Professor Wayne.
So the prince approached a sheikh who practiced spiritual healing. He told the prince that this substance could be obtained from the “throat objects” of embalmed bodies buried in the pyramids of Egypt. And if you go to Egypt and talk to the archaeologists there, they will probably give you this red piece. ‘

But when the prince arrived in Egypt, archaeologists told him the truth.

“I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s condition, but it’s meaningless,” says Dr. Hawass. There is no such thing as a red snake.

Through this conversation, Professor Wayne made the startling revelation that this was not the first case for Dr. Hawass and his colleagues. He agreed to meet many Arabs who believed that this enchanting red mercury could be obtained from the throats of the embalmed corpses of the Pharaohs.

‘Bats’ nests’

The history of this idea is not clear. This idea is mentioned in the books of the medieval Muslim chemist and philosopher Jabir ibn Hayyan, who wrote that “the most precious elixir ever to be built on this planet in the history of the world is hidden in the pyramids of Egypt.”

But those who have been looking for red mercury in modern times think that red mercury can be found in bats’ nests. Despite the fact that bats do not produce this substance, its explorers have spared no effort to destroy the natural habitat of bats.

Some people have taken the idea of ​​getting red mercury from bats a step further, and they claim that red mercury is obtained from ghostly bats. And so, as its logic makes sense, this red mercury has the same characteristics as the vampires in ghost movies.

Dracula’s stories in liquid form are often featured in meaningless YouTube videos. These are some of the videos that have been viewed millions of times. Usually in the form of a red drop —- it is suspected that the drop in this video is made by some graphics —- this drop moves away from the garlic, and keeps pulling towards the gold. ۔ But when a mirror is placed in front of it, there is no reflection of that drop in it.

These are just some of the amazing properties of red mercury. It is also claimed that demons can be controlled by them.

In 2009, there was a rumor in Saudi Arabia that a red mercury could be obtained without breaking the Egyptian pyramids or covering the nest of bats. Some of this precious substance can be obtained from Singer’s old sewing machines.

Police began investigating the rumor when the ordinary grill machine began to sell for thousands of dollars.

Fear of red mercury

Due to various rumors about this substance, it also got attention in world politics. As communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe began to crumble in the late 1980s, there was uncertainty about what would happen to the nuclear arsenals of those states.

At the time, Mark Hibbs, a journalist, was investigating rumors that a highly valuable nuclear material developed in Soviet laboratories was being sold in a suspicious and clandestine manner. And what was that substance? Red mercury

Mark Hibbs, now a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a US think tank, says the uncertainty of the time reinforced the rumors.

He says the Soviet Union at the time had secretly amassed a large stockpile of atomic bombs that were scattered throughout the country. We didn’t know much about all of this at the time when the Soviet Union began to break up, there were a lot of concerns about their safety. ”

Here, however, the idea of ​​red mercury differed from that of the elixirs found in the corpses of the pharaohs. The red mercury of the Soviet Union was said to be a substance of widespread destruction. And a baseball-sized bomb was capable of detonating a huge atomic bomb.

The most frightening fear was that the substance would reach the black market for sale and fall into the hands of a terrorist or a rogue state.

However, Mark Hibbs says that when governments investigated the substance, they found that it did not exist at all.

Then how did these rumors start? Mark says he was told by Russian scientists that the red mercury was actually the nickname of a nuclear isotope. However, when he sought confirmation from the US and Russian governments, neither confirmed nor denied it.

And then another theory emerged to counter it — that the US government secretly spread rumors about Red Mercury in order to trap terrorists. But then there is no official confirmation or denial.

Still not with red hands

Since then, the substance has been mentioned in several terrorist incidents.

In 2015, the New York Times reported that some members of the so-called Islamic State group had been arrested in Turkey while trying to buy red mercury.

And in the UK, three people were charged with terrorism in 2004, and were also trying to buy red mercury.

During the trial, it was revealed how a reporter in a secret disguise, Mazhar Mahmood, better known as the fake sheikh of News of the World, pretended to sell one kilogram of red mercury.

“The prosecution’s position was that, regardless of whether red mercury existed or not, the three men were looking for a ‘dirty bomb’ to destroy London,” said Mark Ellison, prosecuting the case. wanted. But one defendant said in his defense that he was looking for red mercury to wash his spotted currency. All three were later acquitted.

Despite so many well-known lawsuits and so many openings to this substance, public perceptions of red mercury persist. And now, thanks to YouTube videos and online advertising, this deception has been passed on to the next generation.

YouTube says the red-striped videos may not necessarily violate its policies, but it will review each video separately to see if the videos meet its advertising standards.

Facebook and Twitter say they have a strict anti-counterfeiting policy. And when they pointed out, the red mercenaries had removed their ads.

Real red mercury

Finally, it should be noted that a red metal that contains mercury actually exists. Its chemical name is mercury sulfide, and it is not a very precious metal. Some people also call it shangaraf, although it is used to decorate pottery, it has nothing to do with healing. Rather, it may be harmful. Not because it is a highly flammable substance, but because general levels of mercury are harmful to human health.

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