Why is learning English pronunciation so difficult?

Learning English can be a challenging task for beginners who do not have the environment and the sticklers who can help them with the minor issues that we all come across whenever we speak English. It is not about all issues you have, rather it is just about solving the issue that is visible to you. If you see that you have issues with starting your speech, you would try to find out different ways to start a conversation with others. It is not going to happen overnight; you will have to work it out patiently for a couple of months before you can comfortably start a conversation with about anyone you may or may not know. It is just the hesitation that stops us. And, no one can kill the hesitation at once, you need to work on it regularly and continuously to bring it down and boost your confidence.

When it comes to pronouncing the words in English, even the best ones of us get confused with the spelling and would be just not more than trying to pronounce it the way we read it until we listen to the pronunciation of the specific word from someone who knows the correct pronunciation. Do you know why this happens that we are not able to pronounce the English words correctly, it is not because of the lack of knowledge that we have, rather it is because of the default settings of the language that have been prevalent since the very beginning of the language English. There are two types of languages; phonetic and non-phonetic.

English is non phonetic language

English is a non-phonetic language and it means that the pronunciation of the words of English language does not depend on the spelling, there can be a difference between the spelling of the words and the pronunciation of them, unlike the phonetic languages that have the specific sounds bound to the letters of the alphabet, which do not change and German, Hindi, etc. These are a few examples of non-phonetic language.

So, this must be clear to you that you can try to guess the pronunciation of a word in the English language with the help of the spelling and still be incorrect. In this case, you might find pronunciation the hardest part of the English language, but let me tell you that it is just about the practice of listening. You can listen to the pronunciation of different words and that will help you because not all the words have too difficult pronunciations. You can learn them easily by just listening to them once.

Different rules for various pronunciations

You can go through a set of rules also to learn the pronunciation of several words that are bound in the same rule like; there is a suffix that you must have seen in several words – tion, it sounds shun, but when you add a ‘s’ before it, the sound changes and it is like; s-chun. There are various other rules for the pronunciation of other words.


Practice is what would help you

Above all the things you should understand that no matter how knowledgeable you are or how good your command over Grammar is, you should keep practicing everything at a regular interval or else you are going to deteriorate it and there is no prevention to it otherwise. You need to find out some time from your day in day out life, to nourish your skills and inculcate new ones. When you speak to others in English, basically you are practicing a lot of things at once like; spoken English, pronunciation, English grammar (as you are going to make sentences, they will be correct or you may be corrected by the person who is listening to you); eventually, you are going to learn a new rule if you do not know, or going to practice the old ones if you speak correct sentences.


Now, I hope that you are able to understand that learning is not only about gaining knowledge rather it is more about using it to make your work easy. If you know how to apply your knowledge to complete some tasks, your knowledge is fruitful and same is the case with learning English language. If you know how to use the rules and regulations that you learn, then only it is fruitful for you.


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