YouTube vs Tiktok A Detailed Overview

YouTube vs Tiktok A Detailed Overview

Today’s generation is always on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, snap chat, and many more. Pandemic has brought us closer to the digital world. The number of online content creators has increased gigantically since then and they even got famous and recognized all over the world. It has become a good source of income to even earn from home with nominal making costs. People are getting addicted to social media, everybody is either busy scrolling the videos or obsessing over making them. 

As social media is free for users and gives opportunities to enhance their creative side and showcase their skills and hobbies by providing the chance to earn as well therefore people are dropping their corporate jobs to become social media Influencers and pursuing it as a career. 

YouTube and Tiktok are more popular nowadays and recently in the last 2-3 years, they have spread all over the world. They have a lot of similarities but differences as well. Both are in enormous demand and are video-sharing apps where a person can watch the video he/she requires and are preferred by users according to their necessity. Both provide options to communicate online through comments and live conversation options. They can be used as the best way to receive feedback from customers regarding their products and services. 

Short Videos

Tiktok videos are more easy & convenient to make as it doesn’t require professional knowledge and the app itself provides filters and options to make videos more attractive such as trending music, text(font, size, color), gifs, links, hashtags, etc. can be made with mobile phones anywhere at any time whereas YouTube doesn’t provide such facilities, therefore, to make good quality YouTube videos professional help can be required. 

Tiktok videos provide instant & rapid publicity but YouTube videos can take a longer period to get renowned. Tiktok videos are a better option to spread awareness and reach out to the majority of people in a shorter period because of trending videos. They have become a great way to attract people’s attention to share the crux of knowledge and are considered more fun but YouTube is time taking process to gain publicity. 

YouTube Benefits

YouTube is an online platform to share videos with no limitations on the video length if the account is verified whereas Tiktok is a platform where videos are made for around 15 seconds to a minute. A person who desires to watch or make a longer video containing detailed content with all facts & information prefers Youtube while Tiktok challenges users to summarize their content in a shorter version. 


To say that YouTube is better than Tiktok or Tiktok is better than YouTube is unfair as the Internet has become a great source of gaining knowledge but everything has its pros and cons as well. Excess usage of everything is harmful, these platforms have become toxic, addictive, and time-consuming. Just to gain followers, influencers are getting involved in dangerous stunts and activities but these platforms have also helped the majority of people in time of need and provided employment when people were losing their jobs, helped parents to educate their

children when they were stuck at home and also gave confidence to those people who considered their hobbies as useless and not appreciated by people.

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