20 Coolest and Most Effective Military Innovations That You Didn’t Know Existed

by Waqas Ahmad
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Discover the incredible military tech that you’ve never heard of – remote controlled combat modules, self-driving tanks, and so much more!

Military Innovations That Will Blow Your Mind

Military conflicts have traditionally been fought on land, but now they have shifted to the skies, particularly with the threat of small drones that can cause colossal damage but are challenging to shoot down. To counter this threat, there are innovative military technologies that are revolutionizing the way we wage war.

Skyex: The German Air Defense System

Skyex is a German air defense system with stabilization and self-guidance capabilities that operates at ultra-short ranges within a 2.5M radius, targeting cruise missiles and UAVs like the Iranian Shahad drones. It can fire up to 1,000 rounds per minute with its 35mm ammunition, boasting an effective rate of up to 100%. What’s even more fascinating is that a version of Skyex equipped with a 30KW laser has already undergone testing.

Doggo: The Small Killer Robot

Doggo is a small killer robot that weighs 22lb and is armed with a 9mm Glock pistol, capable of hitting targets up to 18ft away. It can move silently like a ninja, traversing terrains at speeds up to 4mph, overcoming obstacles, entering buildings, and even climbing stairs. It features 360° day and night vision and eight color cameras to quickly detect enemies.

Bow Bab K: Poland’s Automated Mine Laying System

The Bow Bab K is Poland’s automated mine laying system which can carry 600 rounds of various types. It’s used to create minefields of any size and density, and a single truck can establish a defensive area around 2,000yd long and up to 100yd wide in just 22 minutes. It takes less than 30 minutes to fully reload.

M1150 ABV: The Mine Clearing Tank

The M1150 ABV is a mine clearing tank that takes the lead when it comes to breaking through enemy lines and advancing infantry. This tank clears roads of hidden bombs and mines, allowing safe passage for troops and vehicles. Unlike a regular tank, this 72-ton war machine is equipped with a mine plow and line charges, its rockets carrying C4 explosives up to 500ft ahead, detonating hidden mines at a safe distance.

Patria 6×6: The Armored Personnel Carrier

The Patria 6×6 is an armored personnel carrier and a 120mm Patria Nemo mortar system that are a formidable duo. The crew operates this innovative weapon from within, kept safe by the vehicle’s Stanag level two ballistic and mine protection. The combat vehicle is effective on the move, easy to handle, and surprisingly agile, almost like a rally car.

Smart Bunker Buster Bomb

There is such a thing as a smart bunker buster bomb that is impossible to hide from. Traveling at supersonic speeds, it can penetrate dozens of feet of reinforced concrete before detonating. These bombs are used to strike hard-to-reach targets such as command centers, ammunition depots, and enemy research labs.

Silent Scope Master: The UGV

The Silent Scope Master is a UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) that can handle all the dangerous routine tasks. It’s a loyal and helpful partner that always has your back, transporting cargo up to 2,200lb, reconnaissance, medical evacuation, and much more.

Cockell IX: The Ground-Based Interceptor

The Cockell IX is the world’s first ground-based interceptor capable of destroying incoming threats from long distances. This vehicle can move at extremely high speeds, up to 124mph on roads and up to 99mph off-road. It remains stealthy until its merciless, fully extendable weapon system is deployed.

Quantum Stealth: The Invisibility Cloak

Quantum Stealth is a transparent, lightweight material that completely conceals people, vehicles, and even buildings. Not only is it invisible to the human eye, but also to ultraviolet and infrared sensors. This technology has the potential to save thousands of lives and it’s already existent.

MV3 Historia: The Special Vehicle

The MV3 Historia is a special vehicle with frontal ballistic protection for up to eight people. It’s equipped with infrared and thermal imaging cameras for situational monitoring, gas and poison detectors, and other technical gadgets. The MV3 is effective both day and night, even in low visibility conditions.

Trophy: The Active Protection System

The Trophy is the only active protection system that has been saving lives in real combat situations for years. It has been employed on armored vehicles like the M270, Leopard 2, Challenger 3, and Abrams, without hindering the crew’s ability to engage targets.

Adaptive Camouflage System

The Adaptive Camouflage System is a unique system that allows heavy equipment to blend into its surroundings, becoming invisible to hostile thermal imaging systems. It can even make a tank look like other objects such as a car, bushes, or rocks.

Hesco Mil: The Foldable Blocks

Hesco has created the Milil foldable blocks to make the task of laying sandbags easier. For example, to build a 10m wall using Mil, it only takes two people, one front-loading machine, and 20 minutes. These blocks are made of reinforced steel with a zinc-aluminum coating, making them highly resistant to artillery attacks and explosions.

Camaro Zaver: The Tactical Visualization and Tracking System

The Camaro Zaver is a tactical visualization and tracking system that helps rescuers and military personnel do just that. With the X-ray vision powers like those of Superman, these scanners can see through walls from over 100m away. Wireless remote monitoring allows for critical heat assessment, so more lives can be saved.

Raider X: The Futuristic Helicopter

The Raider X is an incredibly fast, agile, and resilient helicopter. It has acceleration up to 200 knots, the ability to hover at low speeds, and full digital control over all its prospective weaponry. It’s modular open systems approach (MOSA) allows for a variety of weapons to be quickly connected and adapted to the pilot’s operational needs.

K9 Vision System

The K9 Vision System is a system that transmits high-quality video and audio signals both day and night without delay. Operators can give timely commands even when the dog is completely out of sight. It doesn’t hinder the dog’s performance or capabilities in any way, and the signal range is quite extensive, up to 2,625ft.

N System: The Remotely Controlled Combat Modules

The N System is a line of remotely controlled combat modules that comes to save the day. Suitable for any vehicle type, its key feature is the ability to be controlled from the driver’s cabin using a joystick. These systems can accommodate a range of weapon sizes, from small to medium calibers, including 40mm grenade launchers.

Anti-Mine Boots

The anti-mine boots are a vital piece of equipment for military engineers. These boots can withstand the detonation of 2.6oz of TNT and anti-personnel mines. They come with ballistic gators that prevent burns and reduce shrapnel injuries to the shins.

With these incredible military innovations, it’s clear that the future of warfare is going to be unlike anything we’ve seen before.

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