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5 Best Trends for Suede Jackets in 2022

Suede jackets have been in the trend since the early 60s, and even today in 2022, they still stand tall in the fashion industry. Suede jackets are constructed from the inner layer of animal hides, and are way softer and lighter than leather. 

Suede jackets are considered as a staple piece of apparel in both men’s and womenswear, as it is durable, lightweight and super smooth. The breathability that a leather jacket offers makes it the perfect apparel to be worn all year round, be it autumn, spring, summer or winter. 

If you are searching for a good leather jacket this season, then a suede jacket is definitely what you need to opt for. It is the most fashionable and stylish piece of apparel that will offer you a charming look, with durability, reliability and smoothness. The impressive and good texture of a suede jacket offers a soft feeling with great comfort and warmth. 

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Here, in this article, we will be listing down 5 best trends for suede jackets in 2022. Let’s dig in.

Suede fringe jackets are perfect to be worn during rainy and wet seasons. Such jackets are constructed from deerskin and buckskin, which hold the property to absorb water droplets and keep the apparel completely dry and cool. These jackets are highly durable and can be worn for a lifetime, if taken good care of. The fringes styled over the jacket offers a cow-boy look that makes you look super cool and charming. These suede fringe jackets are trending the most in 2022, because of their unique and chic look. 

  • Suede Bomber Jackets

Bomber jacket is one of the oldest style of leather jackets. Suede bomber jackets made up from the inner layer of animal hide, offers an extra lustrous and shiny look to the jacket. These jackets define masculinity and strength for men, and extra grace and elegance for women. A suede bomber jacket can be paired up with all kinds of outfits, be it casual, formal, semi-formal or sporty. 

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  • Shirt Collar Suede Jackets

For something casual yet sturdy, a shirt collar suede jacket is just what you need to own. These jackets are the perfect choice to opt for all year round. Such jackets are constructed from the inner layer of lambskin, which makes it great to be worn in cold and raining weather. You can pair up a shirt collar suede jacket with any casual outfit, but the perfect choice to go with, is a denim outfit. 

  • Suede Biker Jackets

What could be better than owning a suede biker jacket? Today, biker jackets are highly in fashion, no matter your age or figure, a biker jacket is all that you need to get for yourself. The style of a suede biker jacket offers a refined and classic look that embraces you with a bold and manly look. Such jackets feature oversized lapel collars, irregular zippers and cropped length. The charm of zippered cuffs with waist belts and rugged look makes it look classy.

  • Faux Suede Jackets

Faux suede jackets include polyester microfibers that make it stain resistant and water resistant. Such jackets are cost-effective and are mainly meant for people who do not want to wear jackets made up from animal hides. Faux suede jackets with basic style and features ensure to embrace you with great elegance and style. 


Today, in 2022, suede jackets are highly trending and are definitely taking over our fashion industry. The softness, durability and reliability of these jackets makes them popular amongst the crowd. If you are looking for a good jacket, then a suede jacket is definitely what you need to get your hands onto.

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