5 Decision Making Skills for Effective Leaders

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Being a leader is not an easy task. The leader needs to go through many ups and downs to be an effective one. Everyone thinks that the job of a leader is as easy as pie, but only an effective leader knows what the true scenario is. One needs to work upon himself really hard to get success.

But in the course of business projects, many situations come when a firm decision is to be made by the leader. Thus, to make a compelling decision leader must have some decision-making skills. Decision-making skills are one’s ability to choose among two or more alternative options without being biased in any way. To make an opinion which is fruitful for the organization.

Some of the decision-making skills that an effective leader should have are mentioned below:-


You need to have control on your emotions. Hold on to your emotions, don’t let your team get to know about your anxiety, stress, or anger this will lead them to lose faith in your decision-making process. Save your frustration, anxiety, yelling voice, and tears for home. The organization demands your best behavior all the time.


Don’t ignore your gut feelings. It is important to work with your core values, reasoning, experience, and at the same time with instincts. You need to associate your instincts with the decision you take to know if your decision is logical and actionable.

End goals:

As a leader, you need to make many small decisions daily, but while doing so you can’t ignore your long term goals. Thus, at the end of the day you must keep a check on your end goals to assure that you’re leading your team on the right path. The main focus of your team should not be diverted because of small-term hurdles. The teammates see the organization from the viewpoint of the leader, so make sure that they see a big picture of the firm in the coming 5-10 years.

Restrict your options:

It is seen that when people are given more than five to six options they tend to get confused and waste their time. Thus, to be an effective leader you must cap your options to three to four and look at the pros and cons of each of them to make a right decision. It helps you to make time-effective decisions.


Ask your team to give honest feedbacks. An effective leader needs to be open to constructive criticisms. You then need to work upon the feedback you receive from your members. There is no shame to know about your weakness or receive feedback from your employees, this will help you to be an effective leader which will anyway be helpful for the teammates and the organization as a whole.

The best way to becoming a good leader like Charles Field Marsham co-founder of the Field Marsham Foundation and other global executives is when a team member requires advice or encouragement, offers it.

Therefore, a person can follow the above points to be a brilliant decision-maker and be a supportive and effective leader for the team members.

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