Why Hire a BigCommerce Development Agency?

Are you intending to upgrade your ecommerce to BigCommerce?  The platform is an excellent choice for large and mid-market enterprises. Nevertheless, planning to transfer your collection and at the same time serving your customers may take some time. This is why it’s necessary to hire a BigCommerce development agency. They’ll help you with the setup […]

Energy Friendly Lifestyle Tips

Adopting an energy-friendly lifestyle is bound to bring you a ton of benefits that can also enhance the quality of life of your whole family and wider community. There are many reasons why people choose an energy-friendly lifestyle: from environmental to financial and other personal benefits. Energy-efficiency has also become one of the most common […]

Using artificial intelligence for military purposes, will China weigh heavily in future wars?

China, Asia’s fastest-growing power, has focused on the use of artificial intelligence AI technology to advance national security interests. According to a document from the Academy for the Promotion of Artificial Intelligence in China, “Weapons equipped with artificial intelligence will not only be able to control future wars from afar, but will also be able […]

Big action coming’ against Twitter

Buzzfreek|The White House has announced that President Donald Trump will sign a presidential decree on social media companies on Thursday. The order comes after President Trump threatened to shut down social media companies, accusing them of trying to stifle voices. The latest controversy erupted on Tuesday when Twitter first linked a “fact check” to two […]

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