DIY Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Makeup and Cosplay Guide

DIY Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Makeup and Cosplay Guide

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad gained a lot of importance after the American series got released. The action thriller series featured a lot of incredible apparel such as the Harley Quinn Nutty Nurse Suite, “Suicide Squad Daddys Little Monster “shirt,” The Double Toned Black and Red Costume, and the list goes on and on.

However, many people didn’t notice that most of the series’ outfits were nothing else but some simple yet intelligent DIY projects. For instance, have you noticed the white-colored nurse suit she wore in the series? Looking closely, you will notice that it was nothing but an ordinary dress with a few amendments.


So, keep on reading if you also want to do the same kind of stuff as the forthcoming content has something special for you. Let us begin

All you need to know about the Harley Quinn and Harley Quinn Suicide Makeup cosplay

We know that not all people can digest larger chunks of information with equal ease. The same is why forthcoming content is divided into several pieces. 

What is Harley Quinn? 

Harley Quinn is a famous character in the American Comic Series who has appeared several times in the Joker Vs. Batman series as the henchwoman and sidekick of the villain: Jacket. It all started with her real name: the doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel. She was serving as a doctor in one of the known hospitals where she met with the Joker. The two eventually fall in love, and Harley helps Joker escape the hospital. She left with him and ended up being his sidekick in the series. 

How to DIY your Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume 

You can create the Harley Quinn cosplay easily if you play smartly. All you need to obtain for this purpose is:

  1. A pair of black colored net stockings that must be long enough to touch your knees
  2. Black and white high boots
  3. A white colored nurse coat
  4.  A black-colored waist belt
  5. Jewelry that matches the outfit
  6. A custom-designed T-shirt that states Daddy’s Lil Monster

When you are done gathering all the stuff, all you have to do is wear it in the correct manner. You might already have some of the basic things. Don’t forget to check your closet out before setting out for the shopping. You can always take help from Harley Quinn’s pictures to place each eerie apparel correctly on your body. Just google for Harley Quinn Outfits on your computer, and it will expose a long list of pictures for your help.

However, there is a little yet intelligent piece of advice we would like you to listen to Do not Purchase separate clothing pieces and put them together to form a Harley Quinn outfit. Instead, play smart by getting ready-made or custom-made apparel for the purpose.

Trust us; it is for your benefit, as DIYing a costume would cost you more than the second method. And we are sure no one would want to waste some extra money and effort for the sake of nothing.

Our suggestion

Now that we have informed you about the essential and must-to-be-known information about the Harley Quinn suicide makeup squad, it is our responsibility to guide you toward an efficient seller and manufacturer so that you don’t end up getting scammed. 

Although there are many sellers in the market, we suggest going with for all the reasons mentioned below.

  1. The e-commerce store has a team of excellent designers who carefully make the series before designing the product. The same is why you won’t even have a single flaw or unfamiliarity between the actual dress and the replica.
  2. It works on a customizability policy. If you find a perfect fit for your body, you can always ask for a tailored product by giving your body measurements.
  3. All possible sizes are available, including the XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, and even XXL. 
  4. You get your order delivered to the house doorsteps within 7 working days.


On the bottom line, Harley Quinn Suicide Squad is worth considering your time, efforts, and money if you purchase the Harley Quinn “merch” from a renowned brand such as the one mentioned above. So, make sure to visit the website at least once.

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