Embed Twitter Feed on Website Why It Is Need Of The Hour

Embed Twitter Feed on Website: Why It Is Need of the Hour

Don’t we all love Twitter? A micro-blogging site allows users to express themselves with limited characters. Users can provide any information; provide their opinion on any topic, share images and videos and more.

Over time it also became a marketing tool for the brands to market their products and service. But to avoid limiting the potential of the platforms, brands are now actively opting to embed Twitter feed on website. So, if you are still looking for reasons to join this bandwagon, then our blog is just for you because we have filtered out some of the reasons that might convince you and clear your doubts. But if you are unaware of the Twitter feed, here is a brief for you.

What Is Twitter Feed?

In simple terms, Twitter feeds are the collection of Twitter content. That means whenever you log in to your Twitter account, the first thing that appears on the screen is the Twitter feed. It is the tweets and posts made by the accounts you are following on the platform.

Tools like social media aggregator help you to collect and embed Twitter feed on website. You don’t even need to have coding skills and knowledge to operate these tools, and by following simple steps, you can easily add a Twitter feed to your website, and here is how it helps.

Benefits of Adding Twitter Feed on Website

There are ample benefits of displaying the Twitter feed on a website, but to keep it simple and help you to make the decision; we have handpicked some of the notable benefits of this strategy. And this is what we have filtered.

1. Makes your website engaging

With various websites emerging almost every day and competition getting fierce, having an engaging website can play a vital role in emerging as a saving grace for a brand’s online presence. People tend to stay engaged on a website when they find something that catches and holds their attention. And Twitter posts have all these elements.

By opting to embed Twitter feed on the website, you can showcase tweets related to recent topics, debates, or news. Moreover, you can even post the content from your Twitter handle and display it on your website, helping your visitors spark an interest related to your brand and better understand it.

2. Brings vibrancy to the site

In this age of online dominance, one cannot deny the fact that online consumers often determine the quality of the website based on their online presence. Consider it like this, your website represents your brand in the online space. In simple terms, websites are your brand representatives. And who doesn’t want to have a vibrant representation of their brand, right?

As mentioned above, Twitter is a hub for engaging and charming content that ranges from news, articles, opinions, images, videos, and more. All this varied content on the website helps in enhancing the vibrancy of your brand’s website and makes it more presentable for consumers.

3. Assist in increasing website traffic

People tend to visit the website that enhances their browsing experience, and one of the major elements needed is making the website more informative and engaging. As we mentioned before, you can select various content on Twitter that engages the audience and keeps them hooked.

At the same time, you can even make your website informative by showcasing the content related to your industry or the news in general. And as people will have a well aggregated and refined content for their information from Twitter, it is likely they might visit your website more frequently.

Also, as the content has the potential to hold visitors on the website, it is likely to reduce bounce rate of your website. And with increased traffic and decreased bounce rates, you can get a better search engine ranking for your website, helping you in getting better brand recognition. That means when one people will search for anything related to your business, it is likely that due to better search engine ranking, your website might get suggested.

4. Provides a sneak into your Twitter presence

Twitter is an amazing platform that you can use to promote your business. As it has a huge number of followers, you can surely boost your brand’s reach and be visible to the audience beyond local and geographical boundaries.

There might be a case that many Twitter Widget users won’t be aware of your presence and might know about your brand through website. And as social media platforms are a better way to communicate and know more about the recent happenings of the brand, the Twitter feed on your website can help you introduce your Twitter presence to your website visitors. This can eventually help you strengthen your Twitter presence.

5. Provides Social Proof

Twitter users often opt for creative ways to express their opinion on Twitter. Their opinion could even be related to your brand and your products. With the tools such as social media aggregators, you can collect all content related to your brand and showcase them on your website. This content works like social proof and eventually helps you in building credibility. Also, social proof helps consumers in making their purchase decisions.

Summing it up

By opting to embed Twitter feed on website, you can upgrade your marketing game and get an edge over your competitors. Various tools in the market make your embedding process simple and manageable, and you can find these tools easily. So, what is stopping you? Find these tools and enjoy the benefits mentioned above and much more.

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