Hawaii Natural Disaster Deadly Wildfires Cause Catastrophic Damage

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Hawaii natural disaster is said to be facing the largest natural disaster in its history after wildfires ripped through the land and destroyed most of the beachfront town of Lahaina at least 80 people are known to have died but many are still missing just look at how the landscape has been ravaged whole roads and neighborhoods have been blackened and flattened as hurricane strength strength winds found the deadly Flames.

 The Blaze ripped through the town so quickly that some people jumped into the harbor to escape the flames and smoke here’s our North America correspondent John sudworth reporting from Maui the town of Lahaina home to 12 000 people traced its history back centuries.

all but wiped from existence in a few short hours the intensity of the fire seen from this commercial jet with daylight the charred ruins were revealed the wildfires fanned by the winds from an offshore hurricane have left thousands homeless survivors absorbing the scale of the disaster.

people asked everything homes jobs their cars some their pets there’s still people missing there wasn’t even time for like officials to come around and tell you to evacuate nobody came into our complex until the Flames were here and we were getting out and then a fire truck was coming in this was lahaina’s historic seafront now reduced to ashes bustling streets and shops all raised to the ground.

vixay and his family were on holiday from California caught by the Flames they almost lost their lives we left our vehicle and my myself my wife and our five kids we all got in the ocean we found a floating board that we hung on to I think we’re out there floating the losing social and everything was burning around explosions cars blowing up.

helicopter Pilots of the U.S army and National Guard were brought in to douse the Flames with the authorities warning the number of dead could rise further still behind me you can see the devastation here in Lahaina it’s extraordinary It Is tragically gone we know that many people are suffering the fatality numbers will climb the homeless and tourists have been flooding makeshift evacuation centers even the world’s wealthiest are affected.

Oprah Winfrey has a home on Maui some distance from the town of Lahaina and she’s here to help so I came earlier just to see what people needed and then went shopping because often you know you you know make donations of clothes or whatever and it’s not really what people need many Must Be Wondering if they’ll ever be able to return to the lives they’ve left behind in the rubble the causes of any single weather event are complex but Hawaii’s wildfires are becoming more frequent scientists warn that climate change is bringing less rainfall and longer periods of drought the government is advising against anything other than essential travel to the island even with the rest of Hawaii relatively unaffected the scale of the task ahead is huge a climate disaster stretching one of the wealthiest States in one of the world’s wealthiest countries to the Limit.

John such destruction in Lahaina can the town be rebuilt well read to the islands of Hawaii are of course for many a paradise holiday destination but what happened for a few hours on Tuesday in Lahaina can only be described as apocalyptic they are talking about rebuilding they’re putting a brave face on things but you know we’re really talking about the complete reconstruction of a whole town of some 12 000 people two and a half thousand miles off the U.S Mainland the challenges are huge for now the priority is to continue that search for bodies and nobody’s in any doubt at all that there is a long journey ahead.


Has Hawaii ever had a natural disaster?

Yes, Hawaii has experienced various natural disasters throughout its history. These disasters include volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and flooding. Due to its location in the Pacific Ocean and its geological characteristics, Hawaii is vulnerable to a range of natural events.

What is the biggest natural disaster in Hawaii?

One of the most significant natural disasters in Hawaii’s history was the eruption of the Kilauea volcano in 2018. This eruption led to the destruction of hundreds of homes, the reshaping of landscapes, and the evacuation of thousands of residents. The eruption lasted for several months and caused extensive damage on the Big Island of Hawaii.

What natural disasters could happen in Hawaii?

Hawaii is susceptible to several natural disasters, including:

  1. Volcanic Eruptions: The Hawaiian Islands are formed by volcanic activity, and eruptions from active volcanoes like Kilauea and Mauna Loa can pose significant threats.
  2. Earthquakes: Hawaii is located near tectonic plate boundaries, and while most earthquakes are small, larger ones can cause damage and trigger tsunamis.
  3. Tsunamis: Underwater earthquakes can trigger tsunamis that impact Hawaii’s coastlines with little warning.
  4. Hurricanes: Though less frequent, hurricanes can hit the islands, bringing strong winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surges.
  5. Flooding: Heavy rains, especially during storms or tropical systems, can lead to flash floods and landslides.

What started Hawaii fire?

Hawaii, like many regions with a mix of dry vegetation and human activity, can experience wildfires. These fires are often ignited by various factors, including lightning strikes, human activities such as campfires, discarded cigarette butts, or even power lines. Drought conditions and strong winds can exacerbate the spread of wildfires once they start.

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