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How Digital Vehicle Inspection Helps You Save Time.

Vehicle inspections can be very time-consuming. You not only have to inspect the vehicle physically, but also you need to consider paperwork and record-keeping. 

What if there were an easy way to speed up the whole process? 

Free digital vehicle inspection software is the answer to all your problems. It allows you to provide your customers with quick and easy care. It helps you up your game and helps you look more professional in front of your customers. 

Here is everything you need to know about your free digital inspection software:


Digital Vehicle Inspections: What Are They?

Digital vehicle inspections are a common method of car repair shops. This inspection is a fast and simple way to see the condition of a car. These inspections are a great way for customers to see that you’re a professional company.

Estimates are vital. These estimates let customers know what repairs are needed. It is a good idea for customers to inspect their vehicles before giving them an estimate. However, the story may differ if a customer calls to request an estimate.

Sometimes, there will be more problems with a part than you initially thought. This allows you to make better estimates.

Tech school teaches you how to inspect a vehicle manually. The old-fashioned clipboard, pen, and paper still get used in a few shops. Most shops have computers and tablets in every bay. Technicians can then take notes or make recommendations.

Digital vehicle inspections can be summarized as the same as manual inspections but are performed on mobile devices (tablets, laptops, etc.). or computers.


Digital Vehicle Inspection Software: Benefits

Vehicle inspections may be expedited, and clients impressed with the use of digital software. Many more advantages are available, too, such as the following:

With digital car inspection software, you can save time. There’s no need to go through piles of paperwork searching for stale documents. Everything can be instantly accessed online, so you’ll never be without it. Filling out papers and visually evaluating automobiles are among the more traditional ways of vehicle inspection. Auto repair software makes it possible to do all of this. Simply click a couple of times on the mouse, and you’re done.


Impress Customers With Digital Vehicle Inspection

You put up a good show by digitally inspecting a vehicle and become easy to follow. The more serious you take your business, the more trustworthy you will appear to your customers.


But how does DVI help you impress customers? 

DVIs save you a lot of time. Your technician can simply inspect a vehicle with an iPad in their hands. They get a checklist of all the parts, categorized by the interior, exterior, electronics etc. This speeds up the process as you don’t have to deal with pesky paperwork.

Moreover, you can attach pictures of each part so your customer knows what needs fixing. This brings much-needed transparency in the auto repair industry.

Make it clear that you care about their well-being above everything else. To better connect with your customers, you may use this program. Ensuring that car inspections are quick and easy for clients may increase satisfaction and loyalty. Since they’ll be so pleased with your service, they’ll be ready to return for future repairs.


Increase your business

By streamlining the inspection process, your time can be used to focus on other areas of your business, such as sales and marketing. This will prove to your customers that your work is authentic and updated. 

It will also allow them to be sure about you before coming to your shop for an inspection. This will help you to attract new customers and expand your business. 


Reduces errors

Human error is one of the greatest challenges in manual inspections. Because during manual inspections, your technician can miss a few inspections or forget to review some parts. 

Digital inspections eliminate the possibility of human error, so your data will always be reliable and accurate. And you will not have to double-check it before presenting it to your customer. 


How does inspection software help your repair shop?

The automotive industry is constantly changing. It’s not hard to see why. Car dealerships are trying to make their customers happy and save time with digital technologies. How does software aid in inspecting a vehicle? Let’s look at the many benefits of digital vehicle inspection software.


Templates For Inspections

For which cars are customized inspection lists possible? Customized inspection lists may be created using auto repair software. There is no limit to the number of inspection lists you may generate in your car repair software. ” Inspecting templates may be created in an unlimited number and reused on various jobs. What a time-saver, I tell you. To begin, select New.


Lookup OBD Code 

The software can be used to add OBD 2 or OBD 3 error codes. Just enter the numbers, and the software will instantly list the problem. These problems can be easily added to the estimates. Say goodbye to manual data entry!


Share Photos and Videos

You can attach photos or videos of damaged parts to your inspections to make it easier for customers. Your customer will be able to see the problem with their vehicle and make an informed decision. These media attachments can be added to estimates before sending them to customers for approval.


Detailed Inspection Report

The digital vehicle inspection software allows you to view the inspection summary. This gives you an overview of all the issues in your customer’s vehicle. A digital vehicle inspection software can generate an inspection summary. This is a complete report that summarizes the inspection.

Car model and year are included in this report and other relevant information. Make, model, year of production, and VIN will all be included in the report. Also, if any flaws were repaired during the inspection, they will be noted here. The final component of the report will go over the general condition of the vehicle.


Estimates Can Be Generated From An Inspection

Having this function will save you a great deal of time. The software will provide an estimate for you instead of manually doing it. To put it another way, this implies that you may devote more time to marketing and customer service.

An inspection report can be found under “Technician Recommendations.”. Afterward, you can transform the recommendations into actual repairs with a single click!



After reading everything mentioned above, you can easily learn why and how digital vehicle inspection is important for your auto repair shop. It allows you to provide your customers with ease and helps you save time in your auto repair shop. 

With this software, you can always stay up to date and provide the best care to your customers.

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