How To Manage Your Telesales Activities With Runo?

by Waqas Ahmad
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With business becoming more innovative in every aspect, marketing is also advancing to new stages. Engaging in telemarketing techniques or telesales is crucial for businesses to spread awareness about their existence and increase their ROI. However, making telesales is only some people’s tea since everyone needs more marketing and sales skills.

While the skill of marketing in telesales is necessary, the management of telesales is another crucial task that needs to be easy for productive work. But unfortunately, it can get very messy. Luckily, there is a solution. Runo, a Telecaller app, is a phone-based application that revolutionizes businesses like yours to work efficiently with telemarketing techniques. Moreover, as per statistics, 87% of sales can be improved using mobile CRM software. Learning how to manage tele sales with Runo can help eliminate the possibility of unproductivity in the business.

Call Tracking

Call tracking enables businesses to collect data from phone conversations with customers. It will generate a report for your business that specifies which marketing campaign initiated the call and the call’s outcome, aiding in the growth of your initiatives.

Managing such information with Runo is extensively simple for call management as it provides the following:

  • On-the-go records.
  • Analytics.
  • Information that can help drive the call to a particular outcome.

Furthermore, Runo can easily manage outbound and inbound calls for your business with outbound telemarketing.

Your business can tackle a lot of complications by managing and tracking outbound and inbound calls. For example, call tracking can help initiate the call directly to the right person on your team without the customer having to face a call getting redirected multiple times. Moreover, it can provide customer support through WhatsApp or SMS, which is preferable for customers.

Call Interactions

Tele calling CRM like Runo can help your business collect detailed information about call interactions. Most businesses require call interaction information to make follow-ups that convert customers to the lead. In addition, every minor piece of information can be beneficial when it comes to marketing. Thus, the calling CRM software collects multiple sets of data from call interactions, such as:

  • Time of call
  • Topic and motive of call
  • Follow up to lead the prospect with
  • Proposal to attract them with
  • History of the customer with the company

Runo provides an advanced overlay window before the conversation, which contains details about the customer empowering the caller to talk to the customer with accurate information. Then, this information is used by outbound call management experts to organize their daily calls efficiently. This makes their work more organized while ensuring customers have a fabulous experience.

Auto Dial

An auto dialer is a time-saving and hassle-free feature that can enable phone calling leads (potential customers) automatically without any agent having to call and talk to the lead. Your business can set up an auto-dial calling CRM to broadcast the pre-recorded message to the customer. The auto-dial and click-to-dial features of the Runo app will make this more convenient for you.

Additionally, could telephony feature with auto dialing eliminates the need to find a number and dial it or fill in the information regarding leads manually, as it can be a time-consuming process that no business wants to deal with. The dialing rate would skyrocket with the auto-dial feature – want to know why? An agent’s call time can vary on the conversation they have with customers. But, an autodialer plays a pre-recorded message that makes every call last for a specific time and eliminates the conversation part. Therefore, saving time and increasing the dialing rate.

Call Recording

Calls are a primary aspect of telemarketing techniques that must be monitored consistently. This is particularly because a call can either flourish or end your relationship with the customer. And this duty rests in the hand of your agent. They can either make or ruin your reputation. Call recording can be helpful here since you can monitor whether the agent is fulfilling their responsibility properly.

With Runo’s calling CRM, you can access automatic call recording features. Cloud telephony automatically records every call on the server, allowing you to improvise on the agent’s skills and improve the quality of calls by listening to those recordings.

Real-Time Team Performance Reports

A real-time team performance report will make your team work more efficiently without losing the focus of the objective. Businesses use a call management CRM primarily for getting performance reports to monitor work progress and other outbound telemarketing activities. It gives them a cutting-edge picture of the team’s progress.

Whether it’s about converting a lead to a sale or any other task, Runo CRM organizes all of them for you. With its real-time output KPI reporting, you can see if your strategy works and apply new ways to improve. Moreover, it will help you work smart and be more productive.

Follow-Up Reminders For Leads

Automation is happening on a larger scale worldwide, and opting for it in your business is always beneficial. Most of the automation can be done by using the CRM calling software Runo. It will help your business set up follow-up reminders and make your company’s workflow, which will help automate much work.

For example, generating and converting leads can be a hassle, but with the help of tele-calling CRM, it can be more convenient. In addition, Runo offers smart API integration that enables businesses to connect with different applications like WhatsApp, email, Google Calendar, and much more. This makes sending follow-up reminders to leads easier, especially since you can also create a sequence of templates to send.

Appointment Scheduler

Time management can be improved by scheduling all the tasks you and your team have to do. With the help of Runo’s call tracking system and other helpful features, you can effectively set goals and achieve them with the right approach and scheduling of all the tasks. Do you want to know what you can do to make your scheduling easier? You can set notifications, manage multiple calendars, and avoid any appointments out of the schedule with the use of tele calling CRM. 

Runo offers an interactive and easy-to-use interface that makes creating any kind of schedule a child’s play. Calling with CRM for outbound telemarketing can also be scheduled so that you can rest assured that each lead is getting contacted by your team with sufficient attention.


CRM software is primarily made to manage sales while analyzing the required data. The data that may be left undetected by human eyes can be seen by Runo’s CRM, a call management software. It’s a phone-based application that permits an efficient manner of operations for your team in any situation. Not only does it organize and make the team’s workflow productive, but it also provides businesses with several other beneficial features.

Run CRM’s call tracker, call interaction, call recording, real-time stats, cloud telephony, and other features will undoubtedly increase your company’s workflow. But, most of all, it offers low recurring costs with high data security, making it ideal for any business that desires innovative technology without paying a hefty sum of money. So hurry up! And implement Runo’s CRM calling software to grow your business innovatively and productively.

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